Coconut Ice Cream with Fresh Berries

It’s time for me to confess something (hehe…it sounds silly and dramatic to type that). One of my really big lifetime goals is to become truly comfortable and skilled with photography and styling—heck, while I’m dreaming…I would even love to be able to make a living off of it one day. I don’t know why it feels uncomfortable to admit this dream of mine out loud (maybe it’s fear of being laughed at or knowing that once it’s out there I will actually have to take accountability for making it a reality), but there it is. Do you too have dreams that you hold in silence for fear of what others might think or what the outcome might be? I personally want to challenge myself from this point forward to step outside of my comfort zone and just be freely me, to go for it…dream big. I would love some company if you’d like to join me! What dreams do you have today that are just bursting to come out? I really believe that we can achieve great things when we have the courage to allow hope for our future to outweigh doubt and fear. Don’t you!

So all that brings us to these photos. Since I know that this little fledgling dream of mine will involve a lot of practice I’ve been jumping at any opportunity I can get to do just that. So with a pint of Snoqualmie Coconut Ice Cream (this was my first time trying this brand) and a couple containers of fresh berries staring out at me from my fridge the other day, a photo/styling challenge was born.

So how did it taste? Well, to be honest I found the coconut ice cream to be a tad on the heavy side for my liking, but the berries really balanced it out and took it to a level of awesome that was delicious to indulge in once all the photos had been snapped (even though it was more of a soup than anything else by the time I was done). The Snoqualmie Ice Cream company apparently makes a whole bunch of amazing-sounding flavors though (French Lavender and Cascade Mountain Blackberry are just a couple—yum), so if my local Whole Foods starts carrying them I’ll definitely be up for another try.

And finally, I just want to let you all know how much your words of encouragement and kindness have meant to me over the years as I’ve nervously shared little bits and pieces of myself with you all. I know that without each one of you, my life would look so very different (and not it a good way). Thank you for being here and for all the ways you brighten my day. xo Ez

All photos: Ez Pudewa (me) | Prop credits: Stoneware Egg TrayAnthropologie | Orleans Flatware Set – Kikkerland (not currently available)

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  1. Mrs. Foot / / Reply

    Oh, Ez… you're so silly.

    Want to know something? When I first came across your blog (years ago), I thought you were a professional photographer. I was always impressed with the styling of props or focus on flowers when outside with your daughter. You have a real gift, and I think your dream can AND WILL become a reality.

  2. logan / / Reply

    Go for it! I think your photography is already amazing.

    I'm a novice for sure, but I'd love to become a good photographer. I recently purchased a DSLR, but don't know the ins or outs yet.

    How do you get your pictures so full of light and airy and soft looking? They're perfect!

    Good luck!

  3. Kristina / / Reply

    Love your honesty. Turning a dream into a series of concrete smaller goals is necessary for achievement, and you're well on your way!

    I dream of articles in regional publications, a successful blog, and editing contracts with local businesses. I too am hesitant to share my goals. So many people have freelance writing dreams, and as a result I'm afraid my dreams sound trite and unrealistic.

  4. anne / / Reply

    I recently did a post and used your color story from your 2/3/11 post (which came to me via Pinterest). And here are those colors again! So lovely.
    Your styling of shots is great – I'm hungry now and want some berries.
    And don't be shy about your dream. State it boldly to the world and follow through!

  5. kelly / / Reply

    i love love love your photos! all of them! your food ones are especially delicious looking and i find myself always wanting to eat whatever you photographed! your work is excellent!

  6. diane @ a spot of whimsy / / Reply

    well i'm no expert but i personally think you did a fabulous job here! go for it. (and i hear ya on the sometimes it's hard to admit things out loud, because then it makes it more "real.")

  7. Carissa/thelittleplum / / Reply

    there's nothing more refreshing than ice cream or frozen yogurt w/ fresh berries! There's a local frozen yogurt place that I go to here in Nashville and I noticed that over winter I'd get more chocolatey flavors w/ oreos or something on top and now during summer I'm getting more fruity flavors or even just plain with fresh fruit and nuts on top! so delicious!!

  8. Down and Out Chic / / Reply

    if anyone can make it professionally in styling, it's definitely you. you've got skills so i hope you continue pushing and go for it!

  9. Anna Joyce / / Reply

    I think your photos are fantastic and you have inspired me A LOT- I just bought a camera yesterday! WOOT.
    OK- My dream is to have my own line of textiles that I design and sell with my handmade goods in my store front/ studio and I have really cute clothes to wear everyday to my shop. I would also like at least two employees.
    How bout that huh?
    Dream on sister!

  10. Michelle / / Reply

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous – I wouldn't be suprised to see them in a magazine or book. You shouldn't definitely take a swing at it, if you don't you will only have regret. I have so many dreams that it is impossible to list them all. Most importantly I would love to figure out a way to fix the planet, likely in a creative way.

  11. emma lamb / / Reply

    Ez… !
    Seriously, you think you are not already a great photographer and stylist… !? Your photos are always beautiful, well proportioned and condsiered and with great lighting! I've been following you blog for a couple of years now and I can tell you that you have a definite style that is so synonymos with you and Creature Comforts. I know one of your images as soon as I see it as I am sure everone else here does too… ! Maybe you feel you lack some technical skill, but lady you have definitely got what you need to do what you want to do! Keep doing what you are doing and chasing those opportunities when they come along… Which I am sure will be plentiful now that you have put your dream out there… :)
    Emma, x

  12. Erin / / Reply

    Ezzzz…you are UBER talented @ so many things (including photography and styling)…your blog is one of the blogs that has inspired me to create my own, and whenever I have questions or feel like I don't know where to go next I always come here first (your tips on better blogging have been tremendously helpful)…and there is a quote I must share with you because it ultimately pushed me to just take the blogging plunge I had previously been furiously overthinking (almost to the point of extinction) "To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong." ~Joseph Chilton Pearce…This really hit home with me when I just kept asking myself…"What is stopping me from pursuing my creative dreams?" The answer was FEAR! Well, my friend…we must kick that shiznat!!! :) (I blogged about it here

  13. Ez / / Reply

    @Katie (Mrs. Foot) you are so incredibly sweet. Thank you!
    @Logan – Thanks! I'm still really working on my white balance, so I appreciate your kind words. At the moment I shoot only with natural light and then am post-processing with Photoshop when need be. All of these shots were lightened a tad in PS unfortunately. Have fun with your new camera!
    @Kristina – Awesome goals! You will totally make it happen. I know you will! Thank you for sharing them with me.
    @Anne – Oh I'd love to see that post. Sounds lovely! Thank you for your encouragement!
    @Marichelle – Thanks Biz. ;-)
    @Christina (Down and Out Chic) – Thank you so much for the vote of confidence. It means a lot to me!
    @Lesley – Hooray for sharing your goal! Your photos/styling are lovely (your food posts are drool-inducing)! And are you located in Tulsa too? I noticed the photo of your little one in the I Heart Tulsa onesie and it made me wonder.
    @Ambyr – Here's to you and your awesome goal! You can totally do it! P.S. I loooove the Memorial Day look you posted. Perfect!
    @Anna Joyce – How awesome! Your goals sound fantastic and I have no doubt that you can achieve them. Look how amazing your current line already is! And have fun with you new camera!
    @Michelle – Thank you for sharing a couple of your goals with us today. I love your dream of helping our world, and to live creatively is a passion of mine too. Here's to you attaining all your goals (those listed and more).
    @Emma Lamb – Oh wow! That really means so much to me. I think it's hardest to see your own work/goals as much of anything (something I'm always struggling to overcome), so your kind encouragement really moves me. Thank you!

    Thank you ALL for your lovely comments of encouragement and support! You all mean the world to me. xo Ez

  14. Cinnamon / / Reply

    I think your dream is a fantastic one, and I would add that you are well on your way. I love your pics! Go for it!!!

  15. Elena / / Reply

    i've been coming to your website for a while now and i've been sharing it with my friends as well. i just wanted to say that your dream is a wonder one and i think you do beautiful photos. my dream is to have my own small bakery one day….i hope one day i can reach my dream too. thank you for sharing, it helps me to know that i'm not the only one that carries a big dream.

  16. Julie / / Reply

    I love hearing your dreams-and look at what amazing pictures you have! I would say you are well on your way to becoming a professional photographer!

  17. maggie s / / Reply

    Your photos are just lovely! And the Snoqualmie caramel gingersnap gelato is the favorite in our house. :)

  18. MichelleP / / Reply

    We share the same dream:) Your photos are so gorgeous & professional looking, I bet there are already people out there who'd hire you in a heartbeat if they knew you were available!

  19. doll / / Reply

    I live about ten minutes away from Snoqualmie Ice Cream and I love going there. At their little cafe they have even more delicious flavors, including ice creams made with alcohol.

    Another great thing about them is that their building is self-sustaining. :) If you're ever in Seattle, I suggest you drive out to our little burbs to give Snoqualmie a visit. :D

  20. {gemmifer} / / Reply

    Ez, you're being too hard on yourself–your photos are wonderful! You do a great job of styling lovely still life shots, and find wonderful scenes to shoot out in the world.

    Thank you so much for your sweet sentiments about us, your readers, and thank you for taking us into your confidence about aspects of your life… It means a lot to me, the connections we can make with friends we've never met except through our blogs :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Jennifer

  21. leah / / Reply

    Your styling of shots are great.
    Don't be shy about your dream. State it boldly to the world !!!

  22. Ariel / / Reply

    Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. Not only do I find your blog an endless source of aesthetic and creative inspiration, but I feel appreciate your voice; your point of view, and your relatability. I found this post incredibly endearing, because not often do I find myself interested in a blogger's personal life or feelings (that sounds much ruder than I mean it to) but every post of yours makes me want to be your BFF a little more, and this is no exception. I think you're a phenomenal photographer and don't think your goal is at all unattainable. Lucky for you, you have the perfect platform for realizing your dreams in this blog. So keep up the amazing work and I'll keep reading! Thanks for continually posting some of the most inspiring images and ideas on the interwebz!

  23. Ez / / Reply

    Just wanted to pop in to thank you all again for leaving such lovely and heartfelt comments today. Your dreams are all wonderful and worth fighting for and I know you will achieve them and more! xox Ez

  24. Katie / / Reply

    Like Mrs. Foot, I originally thought you were a professional photographer–or at least trained! You have such talent and a creative eye. I bet you'll do just fine at achieving your dream. Just keep being brave and go for it!

    Oh, and the photos in this post made me get up, go to the fridge, and eat some fresh fruit. I'm not sure that was the plan, but that was definitely the effect. Those berries look way too good!

  25. Merissa / / Reply

    Aloha Ez,
    You're photographs and styling abilities are AWESOME! By the looks of it, you are already there! Who knew you were not yet comfortable with it.
    I am too, trying to learn these arts by keeping them as hobbies. There is so much to learn. Luckily, there is so much inspiration out there for us, and so much pretty things to style and photograph. Nothing gets me more excited! Your blog is truly an inspiration and you have a great eye for beauty. Photography + Styling are natural things for you and if you want to excel more with it, you're gonna do it! Go get um girl!
    xo, Merissa.

  26. Merissa / / Reply

    Aloha Ez,
    Your photographs and styling abilities are AWESOME! By the looks of it, you are already there! Who knew you were not yet comfortable with it.
    I am too, trying to learn these arts by keeping them as hobbies. There is so much to learn. Luckily, there is so much inspiration out there for us, and so much pretty things to style and photograph. Nothing gets me more excited! Your blog is truly an inspiration and you have a great eye for beauty. Photography + Styling are natural things for you and if you want to excel more with it, you're gonna do it! Go get um girl!
    xo, Merissa.

  27. Sara / / Reply

    There are so many things I'd like to accomplish, and sadly I hold a lot of them in. I'm so afraid of being judged by my friends and family that my only outlet of freedom is through my blogs. I, too, am interested in photography and styling! It's why I started my food blog. I was afraid to share it with anyone, but word got out and they have been nothing but supportive! I'd also love to get into photographing people, but I'm too shy to ask people to model for me! I just need to jump out of my comfort zone and go for it.

    Your photos are beautiful, Ez. Your pictures are of the reasons I got into photography!

  28. sharon | the teacup incident / / Reply

    You are so wonderfully talented! I started reading your blog recently and its so inspiring to me. I agree with the comments above in that I thought you already were a professional photographer :) As for my secret wishes, I'm still sorting them out – I want to paint more art, learn to use the manual controls on my camera and be open to new experiences and friends.

  29. Amanda Joy / / Reply

    Again, floored that you aren't already making a living from styling/photography. It's such a different career with no formula of how to get there? I share the same dream and become insecure when I realize women like you aren't already there (because your work already looks so professional!). Surely clients are knocking on your door!?

  30. Julie Rose Sews / / Reply

    I think the proof is in the pudding (or in this case, the ice cream- groan) that you have what it takes to go into styling and photography. Your photos are always stunning!

  31. emma lamb / / Reply

    Ez… we all struggle with that very same thing, seeing and knowing our own work and worth for what it really is and not undermining ourselves with doubt. I think that's just part and parcel of a creative soul, which is why the support of our creative community is so important, we need to be there to assure each other that those doubts are unfounded.
    I'm really pleased you found my words encouraging, the were honest and heartfelt… so that means a lot to me, thank you… :)
    Emma, x

  32. Jamie / / Reply

    The dreams that we're the most afraid to tell others are the ones that mean the most to us. You're scared because to share it with the world makes it real and gives possibility to losing it.

    But don't be afraid, you're already so much further along this path than you think!

    The scariest dreams are the best to follow!! :D

  33. Kelly W. / / Reply

    Your photography is already good enough to be professional. As long as I have been reading your blog (several years now) I have been in awe of your photography skills. You have a natural knack for it girl. Own it!

  34. jane / / Reply

    Maybe if people would stop trying to copy martha stewart's food styling, and come up with something on their own it could work for them. its difficult to find people with fresh styles, instead of a bunch of copy cats.

  35. Kimbercrafts / / Reply

    Ez, your photography and styling is simply amazing. To me, your blog is the ultimate "eye candy" experience – the color combinations, the photo compositions, they immaculate eye for design, I could go on and on! I think your dream about photography and styling is not only possible, but probable. You are very talented!

  36. Ivana / / Reply

    Hi Ez,

    I've been following your blog for awhile (love, love!) and did not realize until I saw these pictures that we are in the same photography class together. I have to admit when I first saw your photos in the "gallery" I had a major inferior complex. Your work is so beautiful – you have an incredible eye. Thanks for brightining my day with beautiful images.

  37. Ez / / Reply

    You are so sweet Ivana! It's so nice to be in the photo class with you. There's no need to feel inferior in any way. We are all there to learn and be inspired by one another. How are your shots going for this week's homework? I kept confusing my lighting patterns and head positions on mine…lol Oops!

  38. Ez / / Reply

    I want to thank you all so much for your kind and encouraging comments. Your thoughtfulness really means the world to me. xo Ez

  39. Ivana / / Reply

    Hi Ez! Thank you for your words. I so agree – this week's assignment has been tough (there is just so much to think about). My assignment became infinately harder when I decided to have my 4-year old as my model and spent most of my time chasing him around (I could barely remember what head positions/light source we were supposed to capture :). Although my shots were not technically correct I was really happy that I did it because I managed to capture some of his faces/moods that normally it would be impossible to do. I've really enjoyed our class and love how you often have encouraging words for so many participants. Thank you!

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