In Search of the Golden Hour

Hello bloggy friends! Today I thought I’d share a few photos that I took on my way home from an evening spent out with my family yesterday.

One thing you should know about me is that I really can’t function with the hot, humid weather (or cold, damp weather). As a matter of fact I’ve been known to describe myself as temperature intolerant (I sound like a whole lot of fun, don’t I). Anyhow…I could possibly bear the miserable Oklahoma Summertime heat with almost silence if it were not for the fact that it literally traps me indoors for months on end. I usually wait to dash out to the grocery store in the evening when it’s a more doable degree outside, like 94…just kidding, it’s still miserable at 94. If I do brave an outing in the heat of the day, I always end up home with a migrane, ruing the day.

Needless to say, all this heat and being a shut-in tends to put a damper on outdoor photo taking (as in, I cannot go outside for fear of combustion). From the months of May-September then November-March I truly pine for the golden hour* that I am either too roasting or too frozen to enjoy.

*That magical time of golden-hued light found in the early morning and evening hours that makes photo taking all the more spectacular.

Anyhow…I’m writing out all of this (very long story) so that I can share my glee with you…I got to bask in one such lovely Golden Hour yesterday. Woohoo! The temperature was a reasonable 82ºF (still hot…but not bad compared to normal) and there was a soft breeze dancing by and keeping me cool-ish.


I could have stood by the roadside and taken a thousand and one photos if only I didn’t have over an hour-long car ride home ahead of me, and a sleepy 12-year old mewling at me to “Please come onnnn and get back in the carrrr Mooommmm.” Anyhow…this one perfect moment ought to hold me for another month of not-so-perfect. Hooray! xo Ez

All photos by Ez Pudewa (me). Also, I want to note that I’ve been trying to wean myself off of Photoshop dependency, so I’m forcing myself to upload my unadulterated photos (flaws and all – all I’ve done is crop a few of them). It’s a good practice for me in letting things go, and not fixating on the small things that really don’t matter.

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  1. Eadaoin / / Reply

    Gorgeous shots, there's nothing quite like the golden hour for taking phtos – even if you do have an unhappy 12 year old, or in my case a handbag holding husband, hoping you'll hurry up!

  2. Julie Kirk / / Reply

    Your photos are just wonderful, so atmospheric and incredible colours. That yellow against the soft blue/green … so lovely.

  3. Danielle / / Reply

    Absolutely stunning shots – so serene. You really captured the beauty of summer and the stillness of those early morning and evening hours. Lovely!

  4. Angelia / / Reply

    I can totally relate to the heat issue. Here in Southern Virginia-humibity and mosquitos(even in the day). Lovely photos and so different from what is happening in nature around here.

  5. tara / / Reply

    These are stunning. (I'm temperature intolerant too — my comfort range is ridiculously small.)

  6. Destri / / Reply

    I am a fair weather person myself, and have found myself melting in Arkansas. HOT! No ones sheets should feel wet when getting in bed. Yuck.
    The shots are beautiful. As I was looking through them I thought they looked so organic and that you must have left them alone, so glad you did. I have the hardest time doing that! It's a good point to just let the little things go, that can take an hour to "fix".
    Loved your story :)

  7. andrea / / Reply

    well, you definitely captured some golden and magical shots! the second and third are my favorites – they are both sooo beautiful :)

  8. Trude / / Reply

    I totally feel your pain! For my mom and I it's not so much the heat as the drastic changes in barometric pressure that trigger our migraines. Maybe you should come to SoCal where the humidity is nonexistent! ;) These photos turned out so lovely – hooray for golden hour!

  9. Christie, Describe Happy / / Reply

    Gosh you need to brave the weather to take advantage of golden hour more often.. you owe it to yourself. Your photos are just stunning! Stunning!! I can't pick a favorite, but love the angles, lighting and the way each photo seems to have a life of it's own. I need to see if I can try to capture golden hour… just breath taking!

  10. Mae / / Reply

    I also can't stand the heat but I'm ok with the cold temp. Gorgeous photos btw

  11. andrea / / Reply

    Oh, the golden hour! It always makes me smile. Everything looks beautiful under that golden light, but one of the things that always strikes me is the glow of people's hair. Every strand of hair looks like it's made out of gold, copper or silver. It is just magical! I agree with you… there is something about the imperfect rawness of unedited photos. The one with the horse is just gorgeous.

  12. Kelly / / Reply

    Ez, it sounds like you need to move to Southern California. We're very nice over here to the "temperature intolerant." (Sadly, not as nice to the pocketbook.)

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