Pinterest Picks: Party Inspiration for Ana + Emma

Last week, reader Ana wrote to ask for a bit of inspirational help for her daughter’s upcoming 3rd birthday party. So I decided to put Pinterest to good use and made a little board of ideas for her to use when creating a memorable day for her daughter. Here’s the challenge in her own words:

“My daughter is about to turn 3 in July and I have never had a proper party for her. I want this to be intimate and extremely DIY. I’ve been working like crazy lately but I am willing to put an extra effort to make her a dreamy party. She loves paper, color, cake, hats and is very much in love with kids magazines. The colors I’m using are creamy whites, pale pinks and golds. Could you help me with this?”

Since paper is such a readily available crafting supply with so many possibilities, I would personally choose to create the majority of my decorations using some form of paper craft. Some nice ideas would be: DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms, DIY Crepe Paper Garlands, DIY Paper Pinwheels, DIY Cupcake Wrapper Garland, or even my tutorial for Coffee Filter Pom Poms. The DIY Floral Headband Party Favors would be a fun craft to do with the party attendees. Just pre-cut all the fabric flowers, set out a tray of buttons and sequins (maybe even some glitter), small bottles of fabric glue, and let the fun begin.

I hope this gives you some good ideas to work with Ana! I know you will create a wonderful day for your daughter! xo Ez

1. DIY Party Decor InspirationLorajean’s Magazine | Pinned by Lorajean 2. Clever Cupcake Holders from Real Simple, photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo | Pinned by Ms Pink 3. Easy Ice Cream CakeReal Simple, photographed by Marcus Nilsson | Pinned by Royanna 4. Tissue Paper Pom Pom Kit from Pom Tree | Pinned by Me 5. DIY Straw Embellishments by Lisa Storms, seen on Tip Junkie | Pinned by Lorajean 6. DIY Floral Headband Party FavorsRuffles and Stuff | Pinned by me 7. DIY Fabric Party HatMomtastic | pinned by Janet