Hook Bracelets by Michael Saiger

Every once in a while I get hooked (ack, cheesy pun—groan) by something that even catches me by surprise. These Miansai Hook Bracelets by Michael Saiger are doing just that. I’m not sure if it’s their seasonally appropriate nautical feel or how the rope reminds me a bit of Summer camp friendship bracelets, but I love them. I especially dig how you can play off the hard edge by wearing something feminine and breezy with it (I’m thinking the brown leather version would look especially great layered with some delicate gold chain bracelets, shorts and a fluttery top). They look equally as awesome on guys too…so the fellas don’t have to be left out this time around! There are tons of colors and styles to choose from on the Miansai website. Take a look around and see. xo Ez