U-Pick Blueberries and Gluten Free Blueberry Tart

I think I mentioned last Friday that I was planning on going blueberry picking over the weekend. Well we did (all my siblings, my daughter, my brother-in-law, and my mom), and we had a blast.

(My little nephew is the cutest thing ever—he’s the baby you saw in my post last year.)

The farm that we fell in love with last year didn’t have any berries available this season (sad times) so we drove out to a new farm. It was quite the trek, but I have never seen so many enormous and deliciously sweet blueberries in one spot. I had a full bucket in less than 10 minutes. By the way…if you are looking for U-Pick Fruit and Veggie Farms in your area (the US and some International locations too), this site is incredibly helpful (just do your best to ignore the Comic Sans font).

Unfortunately the berries we picked weren’t cheap—especially not compared to last year (I think we determined that they came out to around $5 a pound), but the experience…the fruit we’ll be freezing, and the desserts we’ve been making with them so far are definitely worth it.

Speaking of desserts (see how I did that there…muwahaha), I busted out our favorite Martha Stewart Blueberry Tart recipe from last year and adapted it to suit our now gluten-free lifestyle. The end results were nearly as tasty as I remember them being (you really can’t beat 6 cups of fresh blueberries piled on a buttery crust, can you).

If you want to create this recipe yourself you can find the original (with gluten) version here. To create a gluten-free version I just used our favorite gf flour mix in place of the white flour the recipe called for, along with gluten-free vanilla (the rest of the recipe stays unaltered). I feel like to be fair I should also mention that there is a decent amount of patience need for this recipe. It’s not difficult to create per se, but there are a lot of small steps and stretches of waiting in there that can get kind of frustrating when all you want to do is sink your teeth into a piece of blueberry goodness (not cook it, chill it, then cook and chill it again).

Here’s a scale showing the level of frustration you should be prepared to experience if you decide to create this tasty recipe (don’t you think all recipes should come with one of these charts?).

By the way I found an awesome book all about canning and preserving at my local library the other day that inspired me to create some free printables for use with food storage and food gifts. I’m putting the finishing touches on those today and will have them ready for you all tomorrow. Hope to see you then. xo Ez

All images by Ez Pudewa (me).

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  1. Jenni Bailey / / Reply

    I absolutely LOVE the frustration measure. If every recipe had one I would know to slide my level over to the right at least one notch every time. There would be a lot less cursing and grumpy stomping in my kitchen, that's for sure.

  2. Ana / / Reply

    I adore this post, it made me hungry, it gave me a little insight into your life and it wanted me to have your nephew marry Emma. Let's do it!

  3. Rachel / / Reply

    i love u-pick! i live like 20 mins away from one in Santa Barbara and its awesome. 10 dollars and you have more blueberries than you know what to do with :) I will have to do it again this year and try out your recipe. thanks for sharing

  4. Ambyr / / Reply

    That shot of your nephew is so adorable, looks like a professional photoshoot! And I'm currently on a blueberry bing! Every time I go to my local fruit/veggie stand I get the biggest container they sell. They're so good right now.


  5. Bekka / / Reply

    Ez! That frustration chart is brilliant, I think I'm going to add smiley faces into the margins of all of my cookbooks now.

  6. Em / / Reply

    The frustration scale is fantastic!! We make notes in our cookbooks after we try a recipe and that would be a fabulous addition!

    I work in health care, and I think I could also use that scale when I get new referrals for patients! I should start asking our social workers both the reason for referral, and where on that scale is the level of frustration the patient and/or family engenders :)

  7. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I have never been blue berry picking and was surprised by the number of you pick places in South Eastern Michigan. Now I must set aside a time in July to do some blue berry picking! Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Greta / / Reply

    :) I do think that every recipe should come with an appropriate smiley! That is such a funny idea that I am still chuckling as I type.
    Yes, one is supposed to be experienced enough to judge by the recipe how hard it is, but some recipes make us slaves to our stoves!!! :{
    P.S. Sorry I leave such rushed messages on your site, but sometimes I feel it is better to write something than nothing (when there is a time constraint)!

  9. www.StarHughes.com / / Reply

    This is my first time to your site and I am so impressed!!! I love the design and your style in all of the posts. This tart looks amazing – and I am so excited to pick my own blueberries one of these weekends! I just found a great blueberry farm about an hour away from my house – I am definitely going!! So happy to have found your blog!
    Star Hughes Living

  10. val / / Reply

    I only can get frozen blueberrys( i envie you in a nice way) , beautiful nephew he looks like the blueberry king

  11. joanna / / Reply

    Ez, this was such a great post!! I can't wait to try your recipe.. i think i'll try to make the gluten free version, probably a little healthier version… And can I just say the frustration meter had my dying!! So brilliant! Every recipe needs one, I hate being in the middle of the recipe wondering what i got myself in to! : )

    p.s love your blog!

  12. Carolyn / / Reply

    Beautiful Ez. You should consider doing a gluten free cookbook. I'm ending my day with your beautiful pictures… good night.

  13. hannah singer / / Reply

    perfect chart, lovely lady!
    that tart looks incredible.
    and? i do believe your dream may come true-your food styling/photography skills are smokin' hot!

    happy wednesday!

  14. Kelly W. / / Reply

    Hahaha! That frustration chart is awesome. I DO wish all recipes came with one of those.

  15. Alison / / Reply

    Your nephew is SO BEAUTIFUL. That little hat is too much. I have been loving on the blueberries as well, I just made the lemon blueberry cupcakes (that I believe you pinned a while back) from My Baking Addiction….They were SO good. Maybe you could do a gluten free adaption…because that lemon curd in the center is FABULOUS. your tart look super! xo

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