Etsy Finds & Faves: Mum’s the Word

Okay…hold the presses! Can you believe how soon Mother’s Day is?!! Are you as panicked by the the realization as I am (10 days away people…10 days)? Phew! I haven’t even begun to figure out what to get or make for my Mom, but these pretties are a good starting place for inspiration. BTW I’m currently working on a little Mother’s Day printable for you all for next week (crossing my fingers that it turns out). See you on Monday! xo Ez

Hello my pretties:

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Rain Rain…

Today I Love: Mina Javid Headboard Wall Stickers

Chic for Cheap x 2

Chic for Cheap: Shopping with the Girls


  1. Vintage is for Lovers / / Reply

    I am going to be sending out my cards in the mail this weekend! I always feel that a nice, thoughtful letter that tugs the heart strings means to most. I look forward to seeing your Mother's Day printable. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a lovely weekend! xo Samantha

  2. patience / / Reply

    i've been really at a loss the last few years because i live so far from my mother. those little angels of "insert inspirational idea or family member here" are always a good fall back, lol!

  3. FJM / / Reply

    Beautiful photos…!

    Love the colour palette – absolutely divine. I'm putting the Organic Lip Balm on my list for my mum too..!



  4. Eleanor Smith / / Reply

    I love the cotton scarfs and lip balm, we've already had Mothers day here, so I might have to treat myself instead! xxx

  5. desi / / Reply

    love the chandelier! i think i might do this,i collect a lot of jars from yogurts :p

  6. Al / / Reply

    Those Etsy finds are quite beautiful. Love to visit your blog. Check out my blog when you have a moment. I also sell on Etsy. The link for my shop is at my blog :) Have a great day.

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