A Little Fashion Crush: Nico Nico Clothing

I’m not exactly sure when it happened…but sometime between 12 years ago (when I was having my daughter) and now, children’s clothing went and got all fashionable (there’s not a saccharin sweet trademarked cartoon character to be found). And I’m not just talking…”fashionable for kids” but the sort of stylish pieces that I truly wish came in my size too.

Case in point: these adorable tops from the Nico Nico collection by Sue Tsai (available at Nonchalantmom) have been on my “wishlist” for a while and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. If women’s sizes were available (they aren’t currently…I emailed Sue just to be sure) I guarantee that I’d scoop up at least half of everything she makes! Sigh!

Anyhow…until then (hopefully there will be a then) I’ve resined myself to enjoying the inspiration they bring me (and if you have a little one to shop for, then by all means go to it! I can hear you snickering to your lucky little self all the way over here. *wink*) xo Ez

Images from Nonchalantmom.