Kitchen Towels from Anna Maria Horner

These bright and cheery Kitchen Towels from Anna Maria Horner are not only the perfect pick-me-up for an otherwise dreary household chore, but they are a total steal too (under $7 each). Snag a few for yourself and a few more to give as gifts…you could even use them as the gift wrap for a sweet kitchen/cooking themed gift (maybe for Mother’s Day)! How perfect would that be! See more from Anna Maria Horner right here. xo Ez

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  1. Katie / / Reply

    They're only $7?

    I really wish I hadn't just made the decision not to purchase any extras…sigh.

  2. anne / / Reply

    Fantastic! I love that something so basic like towels can brighten up my otherwise neutral kitchen.

  3. jen / / Reply

    i LOVE! wishing it would warm up and here you are! definitely bought some to warm up my kitchen – don't need to wait for mother nature to spring-it-up here!

  4. Ms. Megan / / Reply

    *swoon* I love these and the price is JUST right!!! This would be perfect for keeping on hand when you need a extra gift quick!!!

  5. Hypothetical Woman / / Reply

    Wow, they look like they should go on the wall, not be relegated to the hard labour that my kitchen towels are subject to! Seriously, the punishment my towels get, it would be a pity to do that to something that pretty – also, I think I'd be a little scared of the colour coming out in the wash, that much brightness can't possibly be colourfast!

  6. Jurrina / / Reply

    Beautiful collection of kitchen towels from Anna Maria Horner; kitchen towel the flowered light brown base with color combination of pink and yellow, I like the most. I will buy that collection and put it in my Kitchen Cabinets straight away.

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