Free Printables by Anna Bond

If you’ve had a chance to page through the latest issue (May 2011) of Martha Stewart Living, than you probably already got just as excited as I did to discover the adorable free printables created by Anna Bond for the Once Upon a Baby Shower feature. The printable set includes shower invitations, bookplates, and a sweet bookmark (I want to tuck one of the bookmarks into my daughter’s Easter basket next weekend—the adorable bunny design is just too cute for words). Find the printables here.

The rest of the DIY ideas in the baby shower story are definitely worth hanging onto as well…whether you’re planning a baby shower any time in the near future or just want some cute printables to have handy (you never know when the need for cute bookmarks + bookplates might strike). xo Ez

See more from Anna Bond right here | Photography by Tara Donne