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I have a small (not that small actually) obsession with market totes. A few holiday seasons ago I even wrapped all my Christmas gifts in colorful Baggu bags (it might have been my favorite wrapping yet). And I just love how you can add a splash of color to a library outing, or a bit of character to an otherwise mundane shopping trip with something as simple (and affordable) as a wee tote. These are three of my recent favorites. It’s going to be hard to keep myself from snatching them up…I can almost hear my current collection begging me for new friends (shhh you guys). Do you have a stash of market bags too? If so, what brand is your favorite (I’m a wee bit partial to Baggus and their brilliant colors)?

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  1. Suze / / Reply

    Ciao Ez!
    This topic is rather hot for me and in general here in Italy. Let me explain. Not sure if we're late or early compared to the other side of the pond, but recently here all plastic bags have been banished from the supermarkets, by law. Which is GREAT news: I used to have tons of those bags around house! Now there's new eco bags, made of biodegradable material. They cost something more which would be fine with me, but the problem is they are not very resistent and it happened to me several times already to have oranges rolling all over the car park or potatoes falling on my doormat while opening the door. Plus the new non-plastic bags smell a bit weird to be honest. So I had to take on the very good habit of carrying non disposable bags from home. I currently have two plain blue ones, but nothing as cool as your collection and wish list! I totally LOVE the Baggu Bags, specially the striped ones… I want them all!

  2. Ez / / Reply

    You guys are definitely ahead of us Suze…I think there are only a handful of cities here in the U.S. that have banned plastic bags. In my city you have to opt-in to even recycle and pay more per month for the service. Sadly most people don't use it (it drives be a bit nuts honestly). The Baggu bags are absolutely my fave because of how strong they are. They also seem to expand to fit far more than you'd think possible (even though they are not stretchy). Another great thing is how quickly they dry out. You can throw a wet bathing suit and towel in them and just hang them out to dry for the afternoon, and you're all set for another adventure. Perfect!

  3. Suzie / / Reply

    Hi Ez! I had never heard of Baggus before and I've been looking for a nice tote for all purpose use. These look really colorful and lovely. It sounds like they are eco-friendly but I noticed on the FAQ that they are made in China (and then sold from Northern California, is that I gather). Wouldn't it be more eco-friendly to be able to buy a bag made in the U.S. to avoid the eco-unfriendliness of transporting the bags over? That made me hesitate in getting one…

  4. Terri / / Reply

    I have a bit of an obsession with market bags as well. Currently most of mine were bought at our local grocery store, so they're a good size & very sturdy but lacking in the "looks good" category! :-)

    I love your idea of wrapping gifts in one. It's a perfect idea! I'm going to bookmark this idea for all the birthdays that are coming up!

  5. Ez / / Reply

    That's a good point Suzie. It is always more eco-friendly to buy locally whenever possible, so I'd say that you are right on that. As far as a bag that I can use over and over and that gets me to not need paper or plastic at the store, I'd say it's great. If I ever find someone here in my town that makes something comparable, I'll definitely stock up. :-) xo Ez

  6. darci / / Reply

    my favs are the flip/tumble bags. For some reason these are the only ones that i can remember to keep in my purse and actually use them. I know i have some Baggus somewhere in this apt

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