Signs of Spring

Photos by me.

Hi sweets! It feels like it’s been an especially long week…has it felt that way for you too? I’m so excited that Spring is right around the corner! The flowers have begun to bloom in increasing numbers in my neighborhood, and yesterday it was even warm enough to bust out my new sandals. Woohoo!

Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I’m hoping for a nice few days of relaxation and perhaps an art project or two…oh, and our sofa is finally arriving today. I am SO excited for that! Thank you for being here today and brightening my week with your comments and visits. I have a tasty recipe coming up later today, so don’t miss that. Have a wonderful weekend friends! xo Ez

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  1. jodi / / Reply

    beautiful! i've been noticing some crocuses around my neighborhood and the forsythia looks like it's going to burst in to color any day now.

    hooray for new sofa day!!!

  2. the yllw line / / Reply

    Ohhh, Spring's time is coming! The photos smell of hope.

  3. søt / / Reply

    Yaaay spring! I sat on my roof for the first time this year, I just love the warm sun on my skin.

  4. joan v. / / Reply

    Those are gorgeous photographs!!!
    I'm happy spring is finally showing her face.
    Happy last day of winter!

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