Creamy Roasted Tomato + Red Bell Pepper Soup

We are coming to the tail-end of soup making season here (some of you are probably still in the midst of it), but I’m willing to stretch the season out as long as possible (soup is my favorite). Until Tuesday I’d never accomplished a tasty batch of homemade tomato soup…but lovelies, I’ve now done it! I found this recipe by Michael Chiarello and ended up adapting it to suit the ingredients I had on hand (and made it vegetarian too). Let me just say that the end result was ridiculously tasty…even more so the second day (you know how soup cleverly improves overnight).

Tomato soup is frequently too acidic for me, but this version is creamy and even a little bit sweet (it’s not gross, I promise). It even tastes delicious chilled! A word to the wise however…this is not a low-fat soup! I reduced the amount of oil in my recipe, but it still calls for a lot of oil, butter and cream. I’ve now made this recipe twice (I had to make a second batch to share with my mom—a fellow soup lover), and it seems to be a very forgiving soup. I recommend playing around with the proportion and ingredients until it suits your taste buds best.

creamy roasted tomato & red pepper soup

Click on the recipe image for a larger view (opens in a pop-up window).

Anyhow, this one has gone right into my binder of recipes for further use. Of course I want you to get in on the goodness too, so I made a printable copy of my adapted recipe for you all to print and enjoy. Click here to begin download. If you make the soup I’d love to hear what you think. Again you can find the original (non-adapted) recipe right here if you’d like to take a look. Enjoy! xo Ez

Photos by me.

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  1. Katharine / / Reply

    Soup is my favorite too!! Thanks for the recipe – I have a pretty reliable tomato soup recipe (involving sausage and zucchini) but it's not a creamy soup, so it'll be nice to have this for variety.

  2. AShLee Winterrose / / Reply

    I am in amazement how you can make everything from a recipe post to DIY post look like art you can hang on your wall. I am definitely trying this recipe but I also want the picture printed on a blank card so I can send it with the soup when friends are under the weather…:) Simply Lovely!

  3. London Lisbonite / / Reply

    Nom nom nom indeed! Though I have to admit, there is no such thing as the end of soup season in my house, it's a staple. In the summer I just serve it chilled: courgette and mint (preferably both from the garden) is my favourite! Hello, my name is Catherine and I'm a soup addict!

  4. wowaccountforsale / / Reply

    I can imagine the aroma and the taste of roasted tomato and bell peppers so tempting. All time fave in one serving, perfect for chilly nights.

  5. rose / / Reply

    oooh… we're just heading into soup season; this looks like the perfect antidote to the pouring rain outside!

  6. Stephane / / Reply

    If you haven't tried MC's garlic soup, you must. It's made with a ludicrous amount of garlic but it really is delicious. Thank you for caring about Japan. I only just saw your post about your effort to help. You've warmed my 'cockles.'

  7. Victoria / / Reply

    I made this soup today, and it's amazing! Thank you for the recipe and pictures that inspired me to make it :)

  8. Ez / / Reply

    Oh hooray! I'm so glad you enjoyed this soup Victoria. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and let me know! xo Ez

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