Please Help Me Support Relief Efforts for Japan

Hi friends! As news continues to filter through about the devastation caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I (like so many of us) feel pretty helpless. I have given all that I personally can from my wallet, but I have the desire to do more, and so I have been trying to think of creative ways that I can continue to give to the relief efforts for this shattered nation. Then it occurred to me on Tuesday…I have a shelf full of my photo prints that I can happily sell and give full profits of, to aid those most in need through the Red Cross! Maybe it won’t be a lot…but something is always better than nothing, and we are always stronger together than alone.

So lovelies, today I invite you to stand with me, open your wallets and consider buying a print or two from my shop to help raise money to support the relief efforts in Japan. Every single penny of profit (minus the shipping cost, which I can’t get around) will be given to the Red Cross. I’ll keep track of the fundraising process here on Creature Comforts and will let you all know how much we’ve raise together, on March 25th when the final donation is made. I have a limited number of prints available (my printer kicked the bucket and I can’t produce any new work at the moment) so once the listings in my shop are gone, that’s it.

I hope you’ll feel inspired to get a little shopping done early for a good cause (maybe a Mother’s Day gift, or something special just for you). If photo prints aren’t your thing, I’d still like to encourage you to open your hearts and wallets to help our neighbors through the charity of your choice. This is not a crisis about just one people, or one nation…but for our fellow humankind. I know together we can make a difference. Thanks so much for working with me to do more for our friends! xo Ez

Shop to help Japan here.