Hearty Vegetable Soup Recipe

Hi sweets! As promised earlier today, I’m back to share a delicious recipe I found (and then adapted) for some hearty vegetable soup that is just perfect for keeping cozy on a cold winter day. In my mind I’m calling it The Kitchen Sink Soup, since it really seems to contain just about everything…maybe even the kitchen sink. The beauty of this soup is that you can really just use what you have on hand, and play with it until you get the flavor exactly how you like it (my version is also gluten free).

Here my recipe is (adapted from here). You can download the printable version right here if you’d like.

Enjoy! If you cook some up, I’d love to hear how you like it, and if you made any yummy changes or additions. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! xo Ez

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  1. Eva @ Four Leaf Clover / / Reply

    This looks so good! I've never seen a soup so yellow before, ha! I will definitely have to add it to my recipes to check out list (yup, I have a bookmarks folder titled just that, ha!). That recipe is so fantastic as well. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Anna / / Reply

    What kind of lens do you use on that Nikon? Soup looks delicious!!! And you always take such good photos!

  3. Ana / / Reply

    Ez, this looks and sounds delicious. I love the recipe card. Printing away!

  4. Danielle.freshquince / / Reply

    YUM! I am so making it this week! Thanks for sharing and what a beautiful presentation…I will have to print it for reference for sure!!! xx Danielle

  5. Amy / / Reply

    OK, I simply LOVE those bowls. I have admired them from afar on one of your Flickr photos from last year. I think it included the turquoise and yellow one then. Do you mind if I ask what the brand is or where you purchased them? I have been searching for something like this for awhile!

    Also, thanks for the yummy soup recipe! I think I might just make that this week. :-)

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you guys so much for your kind comments! For those of you wondering, the bowls are from Anthropologie. They are my absolute favorite (and they come in so many amazing colors). xo Ez

  7. Araceli / / Reply

    I'll have to make this this week…we're expecting chilly weather ahead!

  8. terrell / / Reply

    I made this last night and it was very good. The consistency turned out to be more like paella than soup, but my fiance and I liked how hearty it was so I didn't thin it down at all. I'll definitely be making this again. It's a great meal for winter and was so fast and easy to make.


  9. Amy Olson / / Reply

    hey Ez!
    I'm making this recipe right now and it looks amazing! you're right- you can do so much with it! I've added cauliflower, chickpeas, bok choy, and chard…. so far, so good! can't wait to try it- thank you so much for the recipe! it has definitely inspired me to use up all of my delicious CSA produce :)

  10. Jhilik / / Reply

    Stumbled across your blog on a random sleep-deprived night of procrastination and bookmarked many pages including this recipe. Made it tonight for some friends and it was DELICIOUS. So yummy and filling, especially with nice toasted bread to scoop it up with.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. alexandra / / Reply

    Delicious! I made a few changes though (added peppers and squash and used frozen peas and fresh tomatoes) and made some crustinis to go with it. My 11month old loved it.

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