DIY Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake + Treat Bag Toppers

Hello sweets! Back in November (during the madness of the holidays) Fossil got in touch and asked if I would like to create a Valentine DIY project to share on their site. I love Fossil, so my answer was a quick “yes.” I ended up dreaming up a sweet little set that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day party for both kids or adults, or just for one special someone: Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Bands (see how the cupcakes look like they’ve been shot by Cupid’s arrow!). The directions and free download can be found over on Fossil. UPDATE: The download and directions can now be found below! I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I did (creating those little feather toppers is super easy and oh-so addictive).

Follow the steps provided on the PDF download above. For a little extra help with the feather topper portion, you can follow along with these photos:

If you’d like you can also follow the simple directions below to create charming little Cupid’s Arrow Treat Bag Toppers (using the same free download that I made for Fossil). The topped cupcakes + treat bags would really make your Valentine’s Day party sweet!

Option II: Treat Bag Toppers

Follow the directions found on Fossil to create your Cupid’s Arrow Toppers. After creating the feathered portion of each topper, attach chosen hearts (found on the free printable) to the bottom of using double-sided tape (you will use two, one on either side of the stick). Choose from either blank or pre-written text versions (the blank ones work perfectly for writing guest’s names).

Fold the top of your treat bag down and punch holes as shown above using a hole punch. I used a 1/8″ punch for a smaller hole.

Thread twine or yarn through the holes (if you want a bow in the back, thread through as shown – if you prefer it in the front, thread from the opposite side). Next, insert twine ends (one at a time) through the opposite holes than you initially threaded them through.

Place one Cupid’s Arrow inside the loose loop. Pull twine taught and tie a bow to secure.

Remember to get the free download for this project and the Cupcake Toppers + Cupcake Wraps at Fossil right here. Enjoy! xo Ez