Inspiration Daily: 02. 23. 11

Image credits: 1. kaede, 2. a colorful giveaway, 3. sometimes, 4. *sigh*

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  1. Susana / / Reply

    This inspiration post is so neatly put together. I really enjoy the little touch at the end, with selected colours from the photographs. Thank you for showing me beauty :)

  2. Mitsu / / Reply

    Love this post, Ez! These were our wedding colors–reminds me of that beautiful day…have a wonderful day!

  3. Miz.Jo / / Reply

    This is a color combo that I could easily fall in love with. Actually, I'm already crushing.

  4. Tasha / / Reply

    Divine palette – and finds. Your 'Inspiration Daily' colours really are that… a daily inspiration that I look forward to.

  5. Steffen / / Reply

    wow, what a stunner, so full of anticipation
    so glad to see that I have fitted in well
    thanks for including me in this splendour

  6. Janee Lookerse / / Reply

    I LOVE the combination of those colors! So dreamy. I wish I had pretty hair like that! :)


  7. Sonia / / Reply

    Margie's naturally dyed fabrics are simply the best ! thanks a lot for featuring them here, Ez ! :) Yellow & purple have always made a very lovely marriage !

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