DIY: I Love You Garland

Oh my goodness…this DIY I Love You Garland by Lovely Indeed (first spotted on Minted Condition) is just too fabulous to pass up on sharing before I step away from my blog for the weekend. Wouldn’t you love to have one hanging in your home? And of course you don’t need to have a “Valentine” to make one. Why not create one for yourself! I can think of a bazillion inspiring phrases that I’d love to use to make one (or more) for my studio. I’m also thinking of surprising my daughter with one that says “You Are Beautiful” or “You Are My Sunshine.” You just can’t really go wrong with glitter and positive affirmations!

Pop on over to Lovely Indeed for the full tutorial. If you don’t have a printer (mine is broken at the moment) you could also purchase a stencil from an office supply or craft store and simply trace and cut out the letters you want (or even write them by hand if you have some sort of magic handwriting skills that you’ve been wanting to put to good use). Happy weekend everyone! xo Ez