Having a Moment: Hot Air Balloons

I have this ridiculous phobia of balloons…but thankfully my fear-o-meter doesn’t seem to be triggered by hot air balloons. Phew! I don’t want to go up in one (thank you very much) but they sure are pretty to look at. Maybe they aren’t exactly holiday-season appropriate, but even still I’ve been noticing more and more of them popping up around online, and I’m guessing that we’ll be seeing a full-on hot air balloon trend soon. What do you think? Are hot air balloons the new mustaches? xo Ez

P.S. I just got back from my sister’s beautiful wedding and am too exhausted to coax my brain into dreaming up any additional posts today. I promise to make-up for it next week with at least one recipe and a great DIY. Have a wonderful weekend.

P.P.S The Martha Stewart Crafts Dept. kindly invited me to contribute a DIY project for their Holiday Gift Wrap Challenge next week. I’ll be in great company with amazing contributions from Something’s Hiding In Here, Shimtokk, and Hello Sandwich. Keep a lookout on Monday for my project…and then on Friday I hope you’ll pop by The Crafts Dept. and vote for your favorite (even if it’s not mine).

P.P.P.S. Chris from Curbly sweetly asked me to share a mini Christmas wishlist and a holiday thought or two with their site, and I happily obliged. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.


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  1. Sofi / / Reply

    What a lovely and bright selection!

    Here there's a lovely hot air balloon illustration/ print as well :)

  2. Jessica / / Reply

    This is such a cute post! There is something magical and whimsical about hot air balloons! I love the mobiles and especially those cute pendants!!

  3. Katie / / Reply

    Hm-one of my best friends growing up has a serious balloon phobia, too. She always thought she was the only person in the world!

    Anyway…I love hot air balloons. For part of the Kentucky Derby Festival here in Louisville, they have a hot air balloon race. The night before, they set them all out on the fairgrounds at dusk and light them up–it's gorgeous every time!

  4. Alison / / Reply

    So fabulous! A refreshing treat. congrats on getting an invite with the martha team! a dream!

  5. jan / / Reply

    I have been seeing those balloons to – these are perfect!
    And congrats on the challenge – I look forward to seeing!

  6. gaitor / / Reply

    This is a delightful post. Thank you so much for including my Lace Balloon Ornaments!

  7. Louise / / Reply

    so cute! I actually love hot air balloons. There's a festival in eastern WA that I have been wanting ot go to for years… Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing!

  8. HM / / Reply

    I LOVE hot air balloons! But I'm a bit biased cause I'm from New Mexico and we have the International Balloon Fiesta! :) They are extremely magical and amazing to see up close.

    (I wrote a blog about it from back in October if you'd like to take a gander at some pics! :) http://flyawaypig.blogspot.com/2011/10/up-there-in-sky.html)

    PS-I just love you blog! So adorable!

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