Holiday Roundup: Awesome Free Gift Tag Printables

Hi everyone! I’ll keep my narative short and sweet today and let these amazing fre gift tag designs from artists around the web speak for themselves. Your presents are going to look sooo awesome! xo Ez

1. Holiday Gift Tags by Camilla Engman – Studio Morran

2. Hello Lucky Gift Tags designed by Susy JackHow About Orange

3. Peace Knit Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic

4. Dear Santa Tags from A Field Journal

5. Christmas Hangtags from Lemon Squeezy

6. Winter Bird Tags (3 Different Sheets available) from Rebecca’s Misc.

7. Holiday Gift Tags from Notion Creative

8. Reindeer Hugs Gift Tags from Eat Drink Chic

9. Holiday Gift Tags from Sea Urchin Studio (via Grit)

10. Holiday Gift Tags from Helen Dardik – Orange You Lucky

11. Bird Tags & Placecards from Geninne’s Art Blog

12. Holiday Gift Tags (available in two different colorways) from Hey Look (via Emily)

13. Calligraphy Tags and Cards designed by Meant to be Calligraphy, in collaboration with Shimtokk (via Hey Look)

14. To / From Mitten Tags from Caitlin Keegan

15. Christmas Gift Tags from Oana Befort (via Inge on twitter)

16. Gift Tags from By Bora

17. Gift Tags from Love Mae (also be sure to see the Love Mae exclusive design available in the back of Gifted Magazine)

18. Purple & Gold Tags designed by Blush Printables in collaboration with The Sweetest Occasion

19. Rustic Wood Type Tag Suite from Ellinee (via Mary)

20. Holiday Tags from Love vs. Design – see more free printables from Love vs. Design Here (via Holly)

21. Handmade Holiday Tag Printable from Hey Look

22. Holiday Scrapbooking Printables (seven different designs available) from We Love to Illustrate


Also be sure to check out the back section of Gifted Magazine for 8 pages of exclusive artist designed gift tag downloads…such as this adorable one from Merrilee of Mer Mag (seen on page 136 of the magazine):

And if that’s still not enough, then take a peek at last years Super Duper Free Gift Tag Roundup for even more awesome designs to choose from!