Holiday Roundup: 20 Great Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s another holiday roundup…and this time around I’m going to let the images and links speak for themselves. I hope there will be at least a few ideas that make your eyes twinkle. Tomorrow’s roundup will feature Free Printable Gift Tags! Woohoo! See you then. xo Ez

1. Woodland Holiday Wrapping from Odessa May Society | 2. Transform Paper Bags Using Stamps from Home Life, photographed by Andrew Lehmann | 3. Simple DIY Bow from Brunch at Saks | 4. Music Sheets as Simple Gift Wrap from French Larkspur (via Kelly) | 5. Draw Your Own Bows from Nice Package | 6. Repurposed Sweater Christmas Wrap from Boxwood Clippings | 7. DIY Fabric Bag Closures from Scissor Variations | 8. Decorative Paper Bands with Store Bought Swag from The Roudy Stroudy’s | 9. Quick Champagne/Wine Bottle Wrap from Martha Stewart | 10. Yarn as a Gift Embellishment from Better Homes and Gardens

11. Vintage Photo with Jute Twine and Punched Paper Tags from Nice Package | 12. Newspaper Gift Bows from Taste of Home (via Pamela) | 13. Quick Wrapping Ideas by Amy Merrick for Design*Sponge (via Dawn) | 14. Paper Doilies as Gift Toppers from Susannah T. | 15. How to Make a Gift Bow from 100 Layer Cake (via Nikki) | 16. Gift Wrapping Tips from The Pink Couch | 17. Recycled Grocery Bag Wrapping from Mer Mag (via Liz) | 18. Bow-tie Pasta Gift Bows from Real Simple, photo by Lucas Allan | 19. DIY Waxed Paper Pom Poms from Nice Package | 20. When in Doubt a Red Ribbon Always Looks Great from Petit Elefant (via Jodi)

If you’re up for more wrapping goodness, be sure to check out the Gift Wrapping Project gallery here on Creature Comforts:

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  1. Susan Hazel / / Reply

    I adore the gifts wrapped with fresh pine! So prettty and I bet they smell amazing. Also, I really love what looks like a cut out of a Charlie Harper drawing of a cardinal, delightful!

  2. Jamie says dream / / Reply

    Wow, so much inspiration! I like when it's very creative and yet very simple to do, and a lot of this seems to fit in to that.

  3. melissa deakin / / Reply

    gorgeous wrapping ideas.
    i am just wondering if you can recommend a source for good kraft wrapping paper.
    the paper i am currently using is very stiff and doesn't fold easily.
    i'd love to grab some before my major wrapping begins!
    thanks so much for the fabulous inspiration you always share!

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Melissa – I just spotted some nice kraft wrapping paper at Target last week. It has a very faint lined texture to it that looks great, and it can be found in the everyday wrapping section. I've also had success purchasing kraft wrapping paper from Michael's craft stores. The kind sold in the industrial packaging isles/post office is much thicker and generally not as nice to work with, so I recommend trying Target or Michael's.
    Have a wonderful holiday! xo Ez

  5. sarah@boxwoodclippings / / Reply

    Ooooh thanks for including us in this beautiful collection. I'm especially taken with the white and bow tie pasta wrapping…I love it when everyday things are repurposed in pretty ways!

    Merry Christmas!!!

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