In Good Company: Quill & Fox

I came across the Quill & Fox stationery line last week and was immediately smitten by their offerings. Now they’ve just introduced these fantastic Terrarium Postcards and I’ve had to revive myself with smelling salts all over again. Swoon!

Skip on over for a visit to their official site, take a peek at their blog, and then by all means plan a trip to their online shop. You should be able to fill your cart in no time flat. xo Ez

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  1. Tan / / Reply

    hee! Those are just so adorable it makes me a tad giddy. My fiance would love the mushroom terrarium one

  2. Eadaoin / / Reply

    So pretty, what a gorgeous find! Am bookmarking this page as my wallet is almost at empty this close to Christmas, but you never know what little presents I might buy myself in the new year hehe.

  3. donaville / / Reply

    i have the *biggest* design crush on them right now! how did i miss the terrarium cards? looks like a couple have been scooped up today.

  4. Christine / / Reply

    These are lovely, I love the Terrarium illustrations – but can I just say it seems to be REALLY similar to Rifle Paper Co. I don't know how to feel about that.

  5. Yas / / Reply

    Hi Ez! A friend showed me this feature. Thanks a bunch of featuring my cards! :) I'm super flattered you dig them.

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments everyone!
    Yas, it was my pleasure. As far as the Rifle comparison…I can definitely see similarities in the overall feel of your work (so I understand where Christine is coming from), however I believe that your pieces are distinctly you and not copies. Keep up the beautiful work. I can't wait to see more. xo Ez

  7. audrey / / Reply

    Ahhh! That terrarium card set! I haven't been this excited about a product in a long, long time. Thank you for putting it on the radar.

  8. disappointed / / Reply

    I googled rifle paper/quill and fox today. I wanted to see what others were saying. As a graphic designer, this breaks my heart. Quill and Fox, how can you sell your designs knowing that you are completely stealing from rifle paper? The guilt seems all the more obvious by your comment that you are 'floored' by the comparison. The Hello cards which debuted back in spring of 2011 for rifle paper are being completely ripped off. Even the color palette! Quill and Fox, it's one thing to be inspired, but to steal is wrong.

  9. Grahamlove / / Reply

    I think it's so annoying when people say one designer copied another. Yas is right, we all take our inspiration from somewhere and color trends show up all around us! Two people can definately have a similiar style and that's fine!! How many flowery wedding invitations are out there? I think they are both beautiful designers with similiar "taste" in style! More for us to love!

  10. Caitlin / / Reply

    I have to disagree with the harsh remarks about Yas copying Anna of Rifle. As a fellow designer, I know it's ridiculous to believe that every piece I create will 'reinvent the wheel'. Everything ever created by man has been inspired by either something or someone else. I think Yas and Anna do have very similar styles but in no way do I find Yas a knockoff. I think she has a very clever and fun, silly element in many of her cards that is unique and fresh. Artists are so worried to be accused of copying that they often don't pursue something that may have been their best work. I love that hand painted illustrations are making a comeback and I would hate for other artists to be disencouraged from creating something beautiful because they're afraid of looking like a copycat. A blatant knockoff is one thing, but 2 similar styles which both happen to be the same amount of gorgeous is another : )

  11. Audrey / / Reply


    I see a similarity, but as that's a whole new medium I don't agree with you if you think she copied that. I'm sure many designers reference from many places and objects. Yas still makes it her own. And just because her style is similar doesn't mean anything either; I'm seeing lots of similar styles all over, but each has something unique. Quill & Fox especially.

    What's with the hate anyway? People are missing out on something beautiful.

  12. Ez / / Reply

    I agree Audrey. Thank you for making that point. Artists are often inspired by the things that surround them. Throughout history artists have used models and studies from life to inspire their work. Finding inspiration in an actual terrarium and painting it hardly makes Yas a copier, anymore than Monet would be for painting a vase full of Sunflowers or a pond filled with lily pads.

  13. susy / / Reply

    Coming late to this party, because I just saw this work in Discover Paper last night, and then also googled "quill and fox rifle paper." I thought Rifle had branched, and wanted to know why…and this is where my search first took me in google. : )

    It's totally understandable to be inspired by others. I am too. Other cultures, other places, other people… of course.

    But, I also feel that it's more rewarding to, after inspiration strikes, try your hardest to take it into new territory where you can. Put the design into a new format, add something you haven't seen before… try a new twist with packaging, add a feature, add a function…something new. Stop looking at the internet for a few weeks. See where that takes you…I guarantee it will be somewhere new, new, new.

    That being said, I do feel that the cumulative effect of all these similar elements… the art direction, the illo style, the graphics on the site (like the where to buy map- eerily similar to Rifle's 'where to buy') and the packaging too, are so, so close. But, when I look veeery closely, the concepts have a little bit of a different voice…a voice that is playful and wonderfully quirky…

    In terms of design as a profession, as someone in business, I will say that it always is smart to try and differentiate your brand where you can – especially if your graphics or design sense are very similar to other people's- it's a big world, and there is nothing wrong with sharing an asthetic or technique. There is still room in packaging, art direction, copywriting… all that… to invite people into who you, particularly, are as an artist. In the long run you will forge stronger ties with your true audience.

    Yas,, I look forward to seeing where you grow. You obviously have high standards, and great technical skill to match. : )

  14. M / / Reply

    This is a clear copy of Rifle! After clicking through a pinterest link (believing it was Rifle’s work), googling to learn more, and eventually landing here, I am shocked anyone is defending this! These are more than similarities. Palette/brushwork/branding/design details and layout, even the very web design of Rifle has been ripped off. This is gross and pathetic.

    • Anonymous / / Reply

      I agree that this person along with another company called Rocket Ink are stealing designs directly from Rifle Paper CO. Quill and Fox is super obvious, but so is the other company (check out the Cities prints etc.). To act surprised at the similarities is even more annoying. It’s easy to rift on someone else’s concepts, but why would you want to?

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    • Yas / / Reply

      Sorry to see this now but I’m glad this was brought up. I can confidently say I’ve came up with these designs first, not that that speaks of any ownership to a popular quip and visual. If you wish, I’m willing to talk about it further via email but I think it’s dated aptly so on old blogposts as well. Not to mention other blog features. I totally understand why you’d think so, however!

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