Inspiration Daily: Wander

Wander art print by Wesley Bird. BTW if you missed Society6 in Gifted Magazine, I highly recommend checking them out. You will find amazing artist designed pieces such as art prints (framed and unframed), stretched canvases, shirts, iPhone covers, laptop skins and more. Love them!

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  1. Kate / / Reply

    What's with stealing Native American motifs? And the rather racist association of "wandering" but not "being lost" with Native American cultures? And the arrows? Yikes, this image takes a bumper sticker I've always liked and makes it all kinds of disturbing.

  2. val / / Reply

    one of my favorite qoutes by the way l loved your diy from yesterday
    Happy december

  3. Jessie / / Reply

    The Native American motifs are lovely and the message clearly has no racist implications. If there's anything to be hyper-sensitive about, its the beauty of the motif!

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments guys. I'm sorry that you were offended by this piece Kate. Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but for me I don't personally don't feel that it is racist to find beauty in motifs from a wide variety of ethnicities. And honestly it would be nearly impossible to find anything today that is not influenced in some way by something that someone, somewhere (and likely from another ethnic background) created (just think of ikat fabrics from India, bead work from Africa, and on and on). It seems to me that our world is a much more vibrant and beautiful place when we are open to finding inspiration in all that is around us. xo Ez

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