Inspiration Daily: 11. 30. 11

Wow…is anyone else shocked that tomorrow will be the first day of December?! Sheesh! Where did this month go? BTW I’ve created two DIY posts that I think you’ll enjoy, and i’ll be sharing them with you later today. See you then. xo Ez

Image credits: 1. kindness.jpg, 2. Baked and varnished, 3. Sunny sunday afternoon calligraphy practise, 4. cotton

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  1. val / / Reply

    Hola: Yes wow december is here, time fly. I read in one of your post december is you birthday month I remember very well, because it is one day before mine or a day after . I been trying to find out but was not lucky. Can u ???
    I always love you inspiration daily. And today more with gold shades.
    Happy wednesday!

  2. Rowena / / Reply

    This year sure went by fast! It's actually been unseasonably warm in the Northeast so far this year so that makes the fact that tomorrow starts December so shocking for me.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Aww…you totally made my day by remembering that my birthday is this month Val. Happy birthday to us both. P.S. Mine is on the 5th…when is yours? xo Ez

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