5 Minuted DIY: Yarn Pom Poms (how-to video)

There are a lot of tutorials available online for yarn pom poms, but I recently decided that I want to start posting my own takes on common craft how-tos here on Creature Comforts in order to make this space even more reflective of the things I love. I hope this and future DIYs will be helpful and enjoyable for you.

Anyhow…after years of messing with plastic and cardboard pom pom making contraptions (and a lot of irritation in the process) I finally settled on a ridiculously simple method that I love and use all the time. I give you…DIY Yarn Pom Poms:

I’ve added notes throughout the video that summarize the steps for those of you who are hearing impaired or need to watch with the sound off. If you need clarification on any of the steps, please just let me know. I’m happy to add more details for you.

BTW…this tutorial will come in handy for the DIY post I have created for you later today (and a special one I have scheduled for the 12th too). See you in a couple hours. xo Ez

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  1. Alix / / Reply

    Hey EZ–Great tutorial! That special little knot you used, where you looped the string twice to create a steady hold, is called a surgeon's knot! We use it to hold sutures secure in the OR. Excellent for crafting use though too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Heather / / Reply

    That's a great video… Really funny too, I never would have thought to stab yarn between my fingers with scissors (I'm still cracking up). I love that you don't need any pom pom makers, so simple.

  3. Heather / / Reply

    Love the tutorial! I've never made a pom pom now I'm jumping off the couch to make one! ;)

  4. allyn / / Reply

    great video, ez! definitely diong this. i've definitely tried contraptions and won't pay for the pompom maker at the store. i appreciate it. can't wait for the next tutorial!

  5. amscarlson / / Reply

    Really interesting about the surgeon's knot. I think it's a great idea to post your take on common crafts, and I am looking forward to what you have in store. This was a great video–love your personality and the notes you added (and that you went back and noted that circularly is a word, ha!). How fun to get 3 Creature Comforts posts in one day!! Can't wait to check back later!

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Oh hooray! Thanks for your comments guys.
    Alix – It's so great to find out that my little knot has a name. Thanks for sharing that with me!
    Heather – Yes…I'm sure I do all sorts of bizarre things in the name of craft. It only occurs to me after making it public that it might be odd. ;-)

    The next DIY is coming up really soon. I'm just waiting for YouTube to finish processing the video portion. See you then. xo Ez

  7. Alice @ LAX TO YVR / / Reply

    Excellent tutorial. I was never satisfied with the pom poms I made before, but this method seems to be the ticket to a dense pom pom. Thanks!!!

  8. Jule / / Reply

    YEAHHH! Looks sooo cute!
    Thanx for the great video!
    I´m in bed because i´m ill, so this is the best tactic for don´t fall asleep and have a little bit action on my couch:-)

    Thank you very much!!!
    Greats from Germany,

  9. Debbie / / Reply

    Last week, using this same method, I made a bunch of these in cream, white, and two different greys. I needed a large quantity for garland and this made fast work of it.

  10. Kimberly / / Reply

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial! It's basically the method I use, but I've always precariously removed the rolled yarn from my fingers before tying it off. Not always a successful endeavor, as you can imagine, so I'm glad to have an easier way to do it. I also love the tip about the surgeon's knot. It's always been a stuggle for me to keep the yarn tight while making the first knot, so this will be very helpful.

    I also wanted to let you know that I really like the set up and lighting you used for the video. It was very easy to see and understand everything you were doing. I look forward to seeing your future tutorials!

  11. pink cloud / / Reply

    Reaaally cute, nice and easy! Thank you for the tutorial!

  12. Emily / / Reply

    Perfect timing! I'm making hats for my kids & was just telling my husband this morning that I needed to look online for a better way to make pom-pom toppers, as my previous attempts have been accompanied by a lot of cursing and restarting. Thank you for the tutorial!

  13. pyrmomjules / / Reply

    Fab tutorial!! Finally an easy method & well explained!! I'd been wanting to do some garlands & other ornaments & had been having a time trying to get a good method down!! THANKS!!

  14. Snail / / Reply

    Just did three of these! Thanks so much, the tutorial was super easy and they are adorable.

  15. Steph Bond Hutkin / / Reply

    Ez, what a really great tutorial and super-cute video. Your explanations and humour made it much more fun. I think a great addition to your repertoire. More videos please! Steph x

  16. linda / / Reply

    i love this video; now i will try a pom-pom w/o a cardboard circle; but what if you want to make a larger pom–say 5 to 6 inches? you are adorable btw…!
    please send me new tutorials too. thanks and happy holidays.

  17. alexandra keller / / Reply

    i've been saving this to watch, because i have some of those plastic makers & this looks so much easier!
    [and i'll probably use my scissors, too, cuz they'll be handy :)]

  18. christina / / Reply

    How fun! You are awesome. Thanks for the tutorial.

  19. emily / / Reply

    i paused the video, went and got some yarn and was almost done at the same time you were. still smiling at my cute little yellow pom pom. thank you so much for this tutorial!

  20. Farrah / / Reply

    I love this… watching the pompom appear was amaaazing! i will be doing this very soon for a pompom wreath :) thank you!

  21. Kim Tritz / / Reply

    I remembered my granny teaching me how to make zillions of pom-poms when I was a little kid with some cardboard pieces, and this brought me back! This way, for me, is so much easier than the cardboard way. I made a bunch as 'tags' on some Valentine's day gifts… adorable! I can see my new obsession will be making these puppies! My blog has a few images of my final products… enjoy!!
    - Kim @ Two Ten

  22. Nueyer / / Reply

    Great tutorial!! Just what I was looking for. I used to make these pom poms using the cardboard donut method but this is way easier. Hope you don't mind that I've linked my page to this tutorial.

  23. EmmieBean / / Reply

    Thanks for posting this!! Where did you find that great apricot/pink colored yarn? Would love some website suggestions..

  24. Enne / / Reply

    hi, sorry if this sounds like a word problem in math class. but I'm wondering about how many pompoms can you get from one pack of yarn? I want to make about 4 zillion for my daughter's room, no really like 30. How many packs of yarn should I get??

  25. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Enne! Your daughter's room is going to look so great!
    For the pom poms, it really depends upon what kind of yarn you get and how many yards of yarn are in the skeins you purchase. So unfortunately there isn't really a very clear answer. With a fluffier yarn you will be able to make fuller pom poms but it will probably take more skeins because there will probably be less yardage in them. The best recommendation I have is for you to purchase one of each kind of yarn you want to use, and then see how many you get from each. Then you can see how many more you'll need from there.
    Best of luck to you, and have fun! xo Ez

  26. christine / / Reply

    thank you SO MUCH for the video tutorial! i can't wait to give it a try! happy holidays!

  27. Letitia / / Reply

    How would I go about it if I wanted to use two different colors, but I want them evenly dispersed. If I switch colors halfway through, won't it only change the color in certain spots, versus the entire pom pom? Thanks

  28. Letitia / / Reply

    My bad, I was overthinking it! I just need to wrap both colors at the same time. Thanks for the great video!

  29. Becca / / Reply

    No more cardboard circles!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your video!

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  33. Jenny Dominicus / / Reply

    Thanks so much! Well done on a great video. Will try it now! Xx

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  36. Alishka / / Reply

    You are amazing!!!! This tutorial is amazing!!! I came across your blog thru and thru and thru a number of blogs, all full of praises for you… And boy am I a fan now too!!!!
    Pom poms have never been easier… I have literally spent the whole afternoon making dozens of them with you!!!! Ha ha!!

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  39. Diana / / Reply

    Why are some of my Pom poms “split” around the strand that holds everything together? I can’t seem to get an even dense look. It is like two halves. It happens with all of the four types of yarn I have on hand. Sometimes it isn’t so noticeable but sometimes it is very noticeable. Thanks!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Hi Diana. Unfortunately I’m not 100% certain why the yarn is separating where it is tied in the center, but my best guess it that you might try using more yarn for each pom pom so that the density of the fuller pom pom forces the gap to close. I hope this helps! xo Ez

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  41. Monica / / Reply

    EZ, ran across your tutorial looking for a way to make a bunny tail for a cute little amagarumi bunny I made for my 3 yr. old granddaughter. You are awesome! Made this look so simple I can’t wait to try it! Since I’ve NEVER made a yarn pom pom before I was thrilled to find such a super simple way to do it. Thanks so much for sharing and for making it so much fun! Looking forward to checking out your entire blog and future tutorials! Have a fantastic holiday season!

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  48. Susan / / Reply

    Dang, why didn’t I find this ‘before’………brilliant! thanks.

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  51. Laura / / Reply

    Thanks so much for this great tutorial, I had almost given up on the hole pompons idea before finding your video!

  52. Elizabeth / / Reply

    Thanks for the video. My daughter is in a book parade for her school and must dress up for her favorite book. She read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We used your video to make brown pom poms that we hung from an umbrella . It looked like it was raining meatballs! Thanks for the easy tips.

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