5 Minute DIY: Fabric Poppy Flower Gift Toppers

In the last minute craziness of finishing Gifted Magazine a few weeks ago, I completely forgot to add a note about the cover image (photo by me) and the poppy gift toppers I made for it. Oops!

In any case, today I thought it would be fun to share a simple how-to with you so that you can make your own DIY Fabric Poppy Flower Gift Toppers. Be forewarned that these little blooms are incredibly addicting to make. In fact before I knew it I had made so many of them that my studio looked like the field of poppies from the Wizard of Oz (minus the opium haze of course). Anyhow, I certainly don’t need all of them, so I have listed a few of them in my shop for those of you who might not want to make them, or just don’t have the time to do so.

If you’re on board for making your own, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A ventilated work space
  • Candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • Chiffon or lightweight satin – your fabric needs to be 100% polyester in order to work properly
  • Tulle in black (optional)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Embroidery thread in black
  • Matching red thread (optional)
  • Button (optional)
  • Seed beads (optional)

Step 1: Prep your fabric. Cut out squares of chiffon in varying sizes ranging from 3.5 to 2 inches You will need 3-4 squares per flower (at least 1 small, 1, medium, and 1 large). Snip around the edges to round them into rough circles. They don’t need to be perfect.

Step 2: Creating the petals. Please follow my quick video tutorial above for the petal making process. I was going to write all the steps out, but it is far easier for you to see the process in action (even without the sound on, it should make sense). I added notes throughout the video for those of you who need to watch with the sound off. If for some reason you need extra help on any of the steps, please be sure to let me know. I’m happy to help.

Step 3: Dress up the middle of your flower. For the poppies here I first added a small circle of black tulle to the middle and then made a mini pom pom out of black embroidery floss and stitched in into the center of my pom pom (on top of the tulle). You can watch my DIY Pom Pom tutorial from earlier today if you’d like a bit more help with the how-to (there’s an example of an embroidery floss pom pom at the end).

Stitch through the center of your flower (all three layers plus the tulle and pom pom) until everything feels secure (3-4 stitches should be fine). Alternately, you can finish the center of your flower with a cute button or stitch in some small seed beads for a unique look.

Step 4: Finishing. Add a double-sided glue dot (available at craft stores) to the back for easy gift topping. You could also attach a pin-back to make it into a wearable accessory or adhere it to a headband or any other accessory you’d like. Just think of the fun gifts you could make!

I hope you have fun and enjoy making these lovely flowers. Experiment with the number of petals and colors you use…you can make peonies, roses, and more. Check out my DIY Fabric Peony Flowers here. For my sister’s wedding I came up with a way to make white daisies (let me know if that tutorial would interest you, and I can put it together sometime soon). xo Ez


Please note: This project is not intended for young children or pregnant women (because of fumes). Please work in a ventilated work space. Never leave candles unattended and use caution near open flame. For safety, keep a glass of water or extinguisher close by in case of a flare up (this has never happened to me…but I want everyone to be safe).

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  1. Heather / / Reply

    First the scissors, now you're playing with fire ;-p

    I LOVE this!!!! I was wondering where you got those, I can't believe how easy it is! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie / / Reply

    LOVELY! I've made these types of burnt petals before but never thought to add them to packages. What a great useable embellishment. Also loving your new winter header on your blog.

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Hannah, Heather, and Stephanie!
    Heather – you crack me up! ;-)
    xo Ez

  4. Aurora / / Reply

    I LOVE this!! I can't wait to start! You are amazing! And can't wait to see the daisy tutorial either!

  5. Kyla / / Reply

    Wow, what a great idea! I never would have thought to do this, but what a beautiful touch it would make to gifts this year! Bookmaking this for sure.

  6. Tanya / / Reply

    That is so incredibly clever! I love using flames to warp materials. It's so unexpected and lovely

  7. Maya / / Reply

    This is amazing! I will definitely try it, thank you for all the great ideas!

  8. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I would love to see the ones for your sis's wedding!

  9. Leslie / / Reply

    These are great! Yes please, to the daisy (and any other beautiful flower!) tutorial :)

  10. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you all so much for you lovely comments and feedback. I'll definitely plan on making a tutorial for some additional blooms soon. xo Ez

  11. Summer / / Reply

    You are seriously the best! These are hands down the cutest DIY flowers I've seen. I love them!

  12. shelbi / / Reply

    what a wonderful tutorial ez! i love love love red poppies. my husband and i stayed in an Inn called 'poppy hill inn' in mariposa (just outside Yosemite valley) during our week long honeymoon. there were poppies everywhere. since then, i collect poppie 'anythings'. i have them all over our house…i love them. this post spoke to my heart. xo thanks so much! i always get so inspired by you!

  13. Spiral Style / / Reply

    I purchased one of these flowers on Etsy for my mom to wear to my daughter's wedding. Everyone loved it. Now I know how to do it myself thanks to you and this tutorial.

  14. Su / / Reply

    It was awesome to stumble upon this tutorial of yours! Going to share this with all my friends!

  15. viviana / / Reply

    thanks for sharing!!! can't wait to try one..
    funny, but as I went on reading, I was thinking "no way I'm putting this on a gift, this are for my hair!!" and then you suggested it :D
    just adorable

  16. Connie / / Reply

    Beautiful poppies! Wonderfully simple to assemble.
    Would love a tutorial on the daisy's!

  17. Ashley / / Reply

    I made three of these poppies and adorned them on a black tank top- looks great! Thank you so much for the idea!

  18. laura / / Reply

    Thanks for letting me know this was your tutorial! great site

  19. Arlene / / Reply

    I love these, it is the school National Book Day dress up on Thursday (1st March) and my 5 year old is going as Princess Poppy and I am making these with pin backs to put all over a pettiskirt for her to wear and on a elastic hairband! please please show use the daisy one too.

  20. Amanda / / Reply

    Thanks for taking the time to share such a cute idea! Love it and can't wait to make some… will be checking back in for more awesome ideas from ya!

  21. Alison / / Reply

    This tutorial has inspired my entire wedding! Thank you! :D Now for hours upon hours of poppy making fun! Finally something that clicked with my vision! Thank you!

  22. Ez / / Reply

    Oh I'm so happy to hear that Alison! We had a large group of girls get together to make these for my sister's wedding, and it was not only fun, but they all turned out wonderfully! Congrats on your upcoming happy day! xo Ez

  23. Emily / / Reply

    Love this. I actually used this same technique to make my wedding bouquet. It was time consuming (about 80 flowers!) but totally worth it!

  24. Kandi / / Reply

    These would be GREAT additions to anything altered ie, books,boxes,art work. The possibilities are endless. You are so sweet to share this .
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. TracyVT / / Reply

    Thankyou for this! We commemorate Anzac Day here in Australia ( and New Zealand) and I plan to use this with my textiles students to make some. we will use a brooch back – or safety pin.

  26. Curie Choi / / Reply

    wow! It is so awesome.
    Thank you for this wonderful idea for making flowers.

  27. Elizabeth / / Reply

    LOVE these tutorials. I had found another one similar to it previously, but I think this really does a better job at showing, explaining, and the finished product is amazing! Would love to see the daisies you mentioned or any other flower you can do! I really am trying to figure out how to do a pansy as well. email me if you have any info or help for pansies or daisies! thanks, Elizabeth (libbyann78@hotmail.com)

  28. Campo La Ñata / / Reply

    Hermosos los trabajos y fáciles las explicaciones. Gracias!!!

  29. Donna HI / / Reply

    found you on pintrest- thank you for some lovely inspiration!

  30. Lisa / / Reply

    Loved this tutorial! I am so excited to be making my girls' Christmas presents this year! I see this was posted about a year ago. Did you ever do the daisy tutorial? I would LOVE to see that one if you could post a link. :)

  31. Natalie / / Reply

    Hi there,
    So glad I found your web site, I'm thinking of making these poppies for remembrance day to sell at our church (all donation will be given to Royal British Legion ).
    Was wondering if you could suggest what to use for the leaf eliment to the poppy as not sure that felt would look to good and the same fabric as the petals would be too flimsy I think, or do you think if I used the same candle technique and the same fabric in green it might add strength and stop it being so floppy ?
    Hope you understand what on earth I'm talking about : ) would love to hear your advice !
    Your site is excellent and I can't wait to try the poppies out x

  32. Angela Oskar / / Reply

    Adorei as flores, ficaram lindas!
    Gostaria de ver o tutorial das margaridas, as que você fez para o casamento de sua irmã, obrigada!

    I loved the flowers were beautiful!
    I would like to see the tutorial of daisies, the ones you did for the wedding of her sister, thank you!

  33. Mary / / Reply

    These look great! Any suggestions for adding a stem so that they can be a bouquet?

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  38. Mimi / / Reply

    Just found you blog, love these! Daisy tutorial please?!?!?!?

  39. sandie / / Reply

    inspired by making a few of these at Christmas my daughter made over 700 of them for a remembrance dress for her major textile work of art in her final year at school. ThANKS SO MUCH . I would love to send you a photo.

  40. Caroline / / Reply

    The 2 flowers tutorials you made are pretty amazing. I was thinking about it all week and I finally got the materials for making them. I have a small business where I sell macarons & I wanted something nice to decorate my cake stands and add a little something to my macarons pictures… I can’t wait to see the result! Thanks a lot. Do you still plan on posting a tutorial for daisies? I’ll be looking forward to it!

  41. Pingback: Top 10 Tuesday {14}: Brown Paper Packages... - Design, Dining + Diapers

  42. Jessica / / Reply

    Did you use chiffon or satin for this project? I bought both – the chiffon I got is too flimsy and the satin, although pretty lightweight, will not curl. Do you know what brand of fabric you used or where you got it? Thanks!

    • Ez
      Ez / / Reply

      Hi Jessica! I’m sorry to say that it’s been so long since I created this project that I can’t remember the exact material. I know that it was suit lining though…and closer to a chiffon-like material than satin. I hope this is helpful. My apologies again for not having more specific details for you. xo Ez

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  44. decca / / Reply

    wow! not only does your project result in a beautiful flower- as you pointed out, you shot it too! the photographs are beautiful!
    i have to ask.. is that white eyelet paper or fabric over your blue gingham tablecloth? i’ve been looking for material in this type of no-frills pattern and cannot find either paper or fabric in a square, geometric lacy cut out like this.. do you by any chance remember or can you name a source? tvym!
    i’m going to go peruse your many other tutorials, now- well done! hat tip!

  45. decca / / Reply

    Hi again,

    i just received a confirm follow request email from you- but am hoping you’ll be notified i’ve commented (above) and be able to answer my question?

    Many thanks,

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  52. Christi / / Reply

    Thank you sooo very much for adding notes for those that watch without sound. What a thoughtful gesture that is so appreciated!!

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