Clementine Macarons with Citrus Cream Filling

The holiday season is not official for me until I buy my first crate of Clementines. Their flavor and zesty scent will be forever linked in my memory with childhood visits to my grandparent’s home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You could always expect to find baskets overflowing with homemade cranberry orange muffins, and if I was lucky I would be called into the kitchen to zest the oranges and help my Grandma with the latest batch. Ahhh…happiness!

So after I picked up a box of fresh Clementines at the store (and realized very quickly that I would not be able to eat them all before they turned bad) I went on the hunt for a tasty recipe that would be suitable for both Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. Luckily I spotted this delicious recipe for Clementine Macarons…and have since made multiple batches.

Click below for the recipe on the Ladie’s Home Journal website:

I have to admit that macarons seemed kind of intimidating at first, but I’m so glad that I decided to give the recipe a try, because they are surprisingly easy…and ridiculously delicious. Yes, they might not be as perfect looking as those found in French patisseries, but don’t let that stop you. Here’s how I made mine:

I started out by followed the recipe for the cookies. Being the impatient cook that I am, I wanted to rush the step where you are instructed to allow the piped cookies to rest, but I discovered that the waiting period is what causes the fine macaron crust to form pre-baking…and you really don’t want to miss that delicate crunch in the finished cookie, so stick with it. Watch your cookies carefully while baking, they can crisp up really quickly. Once you’ve patiently waited for your little morsels to cool you’ll mix up your Citrus Cream Filling (found with the recipe link above). Then you’re going to pipe the filling inside the cookies. No need to be fancy. If you don’t have a piping bag and tip you can just fill a regular sandwich bag and snip a tiny bit off the corner once it’s filled. Voila! The trick to these is to keep your filling towards the center of the cookie so that it doesn’t squish too far out the sides when you place the second cookie on top…

…Like so. Press a second cookie down onto the piped filling until you see it peeking out around the edges. Then you’ll just keep repeating the icing and sandwiching steps until all your cookies are paired up.

Be sure to make enough for snacking. I dare you to try and resist!

These little bites of heaven also are perfect for giving. Imagine them holding the place for each guest at your Thanksgiving feast or tucked inside little boxes for coworkers and friends.

I created a free sheet of printable gift tags if you’d like to package your cookies up for gift giving:

Enjoy! xo Ez

Sources: Mini Cupcake Stand – purchased in a little boutique in NJ (also available at Farmhouse Wares – thanks for the link Kathryn) | Tom Puce Mini Wooden Baking Mold / BasketTechnoBake | Cupcake Papers – Assorted from Martha Stewart for Michael’s | Baker’s Twine (personal stash).

All photo – Ez Pudewa (me)

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  1. Katherine M. / / Reply

    Super cute photos! The macaroons look amazing and scrumptious! Clementines certainly do remind me of the holiday season. Though my favorite treat to usher in the Christmas spirit has to be homemade gingerbread cookies, fresh from the oven the day after Thanksgiving. Can't wait!

  2. rooth / / Reply

    Oh clementine – you are so cute! What a great idea for a Thanksgiving table setting too!

  3. Jessica / / Reply

    I loved your post! The pictures are stunning and make the macarons look even more delicious! I will have to try it out this holiday, thank you for sharing!

  4. Ali / / Reply

    These sound divine. But I have a very bad track record with macarons. Sigh. I think they're worth giving it another shot, though.

  5. Valen / / Reply

    yayy!! i had lost u and couldnt find your blog and now i have finally found you again!! im soooo happyyyy!!! :)

  6. Julia / / Reply

    I bought a macaroon cookbook when Border's was going out of business simply because the pictures were so beautiful (and I love anything Paris) but I have been too intimidated to try it out. I'm glad to see they were easy, I think I'll try making some this weekend!
    They would be such a great holiday gift

  7. Stephanie / / Reply

    Yummy! I'm going to make those for the girls this wknd when they come over to watch our show! I think I'm going to substitute some of the butter in the icing for some cream cheese. Thanks for the recipe :)

  8. Toni / / Reply

    Ah! I so want to make my own macaroons! These look and sound fantastic. I love the little face on the clementine–I almost drew one on my butternut squash last week! haha.

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments everyone! If you make the cookies I'd love to hear what you think of them. xo Ez

  10. Caroline / / Reply

    Haha, had to laugh about zesting the oranges – that's by far my least favorite step! Now I'll know who to delegate that chore to….
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you in a couple weeks! xox

  11. Cameron / / Reply

    Oooooh, this is the second macaron post I've read in 3 days – who knew TG was also macaron season? Thanks for the free printable tag, too – love the simplicity!

  12. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    I love macarons but rarely eat them because they are so expensive. I've been wanting to give it a try but been afraid to go for it. Think you gave me that extra motivation I needed. Macarons, here I come!

  13. Dabito | OldBrandNew / / Reply

    Ez, you make this look so easy peasy and so beautiful! Already bookmarked this recipe to try sometime soon. Thanks for sharing! Have a sweet Thanksgiving. xo!

  14. Circus of Cakes / / Reply

    I love macarons! I've always been too intimidated to try my hand at them but maybe now I'll give it a try. May I ask where you got your adorable pastel liners from? They look like they could be regular cupcake liners but I'm having a hard time figuring it out :) – Love, Jenna

  15. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments everyone!
    Jenna – both the large and small liners are from Martha Stewart's line for Michael's craft store. Unfortunately the large ones are from a few years ago, so that specific print is no longer available.
    xo Ez

  16. SASA / / Reply

    Yummy! I thought macarons were difficult to make, but the recipe seems so easy! Maybe I'll give it a try for Christmas :)

  17. Stephanie / / Reply

    This is such a beautiful post and the styling is gorgeous!! I feel inspired to try my hand at macarons…it's been at the top of my to-make list for some time now.

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