Color Crush: Black, White & Neon Pink

I know this is kind of an unusual color palette for this time of year, but I couldn’t help myself. It all started at the craft store last weekend when I felt a magnetic pull to two different bottles of neon paint (one for paper and one for fabric). I ended up buying both and ever since, I have been stamping little dots of it all over everything in my office using the eraser of a pencil as my stamp (that’s a little piece of floral fabric that I stamped up above). Next thing I know, I spot this amazing pillow over on Pinterest, and a full on crush was born. What colors are you crushing on today? xo Ez

Fluro Pink Random Spot PillowcaseCastle (via Christine on Pinterest) | Soft Gallery Gaston TeeKido Store | Handwritten Calligraphy StampAntiquaria (via The Collection Event Studio) | Modern Day Advent Calendar KitSwoon Paper Studio

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  1. Sharon / / Reply

    That is a happy color combo! And I just loooove Advent Calendars. The one from Swoon seems simple and sweet.

  2. Rowena / / Reply

    That pillowcase is so cheery! I seem to be crushing on various shades of purple & grey these days. It's a color combo I just love and always find myself going back to.

  3. mosey / / Reply

    I love this color combo and I don't really think it's odd for this time of year. The neon pink adds a punch of color to drab wintry days. It's brilliant!

  4. Valentina / / Reply

    Hi Ez, I love your blog and your color crushes are always inspiring. I wish I had more skills to use photoshop in my own blog :).
    I love this color combo! It is similar in my living room actually. Just red sofa instead pink. My ideal color combo would be mustard with all shades of gray. I have to start saving for a new sofa, or I´ll be really good (that´s better idea) and Santa will surprise me :-).

  5. Randi / / Reply

    Thanks so much for the feature!

    I am loving this color combo-any time of the year :)



  6. MadeleineSwell / / Reply

    I love this color palette. It is a welcome change from the traditional Autumn/Winter colors we see everywhere. The pink polka dot pillow case is so much fun.

  7. Mel / / Reply

    Your site is a continual source of beauty and inspiration… and what I love most, is your love for colour! It's deep in my marrow to adore most any pallete (tho I think hot pink and I will never see eye to eye) hehe.
    Thanks for the beauty-full posts always!

  8. Kristen / / Reply

    I agree this may be a little bit of an unusual color palette for this time of year, but I actually wore the exact same color combinations two days in a row! It felt a little '80s (nothing wrong with that!), but kind of modern and contemporary at the same time. I love the stamped floral fabric and who knew I could make those dots with a pencil eraser?! Thanks Ez, I think I found my weekend craft project! :-)

  9. Jule / / Reply

    I LOVE the Pillow!!!
    Looks soooo cute!
    Grey is the new black, the new red and the new White :-)

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