DIY Glitter Gift Wrapping from Ambrosia Creative

When Jennifer (of Ambrosia Creative blog) emailed me yesterday to share her Miu Miu inspired DIY Glitter Gift Wrapping Project, I could hardly wait to pass it on to you guys. Don’t you just love how with glitter, a little sprinkle here and a tiny dash there can make such an impact? Find the full DIY right here.

And on a side note…do you have a favorite brand of glitter? I’m currently partial to the wide selection of colors available from Martha Stewart’s line at Michael’s. Every time I go to their store I have to physically hold myself back from filling my basket up with more, but I’d love to hear what your glitter crush is. Maybe I’ll make the switch. xo Ez

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  1. Joanna / / Reply

    i can't hold myself back at michael's either! Thats why I am always armed with a friend, two 40% off coupon and a mobile app coupon. I'm a crazy coupon lady.

  2. Nicole / / Reply

    I am mightily opposed to glitter (except in nail polish, where it is safely contained) because I can't stand fighting bits of it everywhere for months, but I have to admit it's really pretty! They have some really great looking glitter at Joann called Velvet Glitter that I actually almost bought despite my hatred of all things glittered… it's that pretty! It's a little more subdued but still flashy and it comes in a great set of sooo many colors :)

  3. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    I am also a huge fan of the Martha Stewart glitter line. I've made a rule that I am not allowed to buy more than 2 colors when I visit Michael's. Maybe I should make an exception for that rule around this time of year. The Holidays definitely calls for lots of glitter! ;)

  4. {gemmifer} / / Reply

    I bought a little bottle of the Martha glitter paint at Michael's recently (go 50%off coupon!) in Antique Silver… I haven't tried it out yet, but thought it might be good for adding glittered toe caps to a pair of black ballet shoes I've had buried in my closet for ages. They had a painted sample in the store and the glitter seemed to be veeerrry secure, so no bits of stray glitter falling off everywhere!

  5. Carolyn / / Reply

    I'm definitely a fan of Martha's glitter. I have the 24-pack and I'm going to need to go soon and stock up on some larger bottles of my more often used colors. So. Addictive.

  6. SASA / / Reply

    I like this idea for a gift! I'd like to have a craft supply shop nearby…

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