Pinterest Picks: 11. 14. 11

Hello friends! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was great. It first started off on Friday evening with an 11:11 party with my family (also celebrating the launch of Gifted Magazine), and was then followed by about 2 days of sleeping (just kidding…kind of). How about you?

The Holiday season of DIY projects and more will officially kick off on Creature Comforts next week! I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am. For now, here are a few pretties that I discovered via Pinterest:

1. Chocolate Caramel Tart by My Baking Addiction (via Monica) | 2. Potence Lamp from OneFortyThree, via Sfgirlbybay (via Laura) | 3. Blue Numbered Pudding Bowls from Burleigh (via Kirsty) | 4. Frye Boots (via Katie) | 5. Handmade Bag from Scout & Catalogue (via Mallory)

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  1. Jenni / / Reply

    These picks are fantastic! I am so looking for a pair of boots such as those…

  2. Kamila / / Reply

    Can't wait for your diy!! Maybe one day we can have a little "how to" make those shoes, they are great!

  3. Holly Cromer / / Reply

    Great picks! The tart looks delicious, the dog is adorable, I'm madly in love with the boots and the bag too!

  4. blue china studio / / Reply

    I would like a piece of that tart right now! Yummy.
    Such a beautiful collection, so warm and cozy.

    And LOVE your new little banner for the holiday season.

  5. Pearl / / Reply

    What a great clutch!
    I just bought one from them! The one with the lace.
    Soo Sooo cute!!


  6. Anne / / Reply

    Hi! It has been a while since I have popped by & I have MISSED you! When I saw the gorgeous presents I thought to myself, I can't miss a day of her blog this season! You always put me in the spirit and I am so excited to see all of your holiday magic!

    PS- I love that you "somewhat" got away with sleeping for two days!

  7. Kasey / / Reply

    Beautiful collection – I am dyyying for a pair of boots like that. And that tart? Yes, please.

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