One Good Thing: Falcon Enamelware Tumblers

I don’t know about you, but I can think of about a million and one uses for these charming Falcon Enamelware Tumblers, available at Found. Imagine packaging little Christmas gifts inside them (like homemade fleur de sel caramels), using them to organize bits and bobs around your home, and of course perking up the kitchen table with a cheery set! Now I just need to figure out how much it will put me back to have a stack sent my way from the UK (crossing my fingers that it’s not too much). You can find them for sale at both Falcon Enamelware (no international shipping available) and Found (international shipping available upon request).

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  1. dani / / Reply

    i have a recent obsession with enamel. pots…coffee cups…baking dishes. i find most of mine at the flea market.

  2. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your comments guys! Aren't they so great?! xo Ez

  3. helen h / / Reply

    Ez, if you drop me an email, I could totally work something out with you for shipping tumblers to the US in exchange for the lovely lovely scotch nail varnishes you regularly post (which don't currently do shipping to the UK)….. of course if you are just lusting after these for the sake of doing so, then I understand entirely :o)

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