Create Your Own Unique Wall Art for (Almost) Free

I came across a link for Rasterbator (yes, the name is skeevy sounding but not gross when you click on the link) in a back issue of Martha Stewart Living yesterday, and had to give it a try right away. Through their free and simple to use program you can upload any photo or image of your choosing and they will instantly convert it into an enlarged rasterized version (showing the shapes as pixilated dots) that you can print, reassemble, and hang on your wall in giant poster form. Free art…almost—you’ll just pay for the cost of paper and ink, or having it printed at a copy shop!

Here’s the photo of our dog Stella that I had converted. Once rasterized and printed my daughter and I put all the pieces together (it was like piecing together a really fun surprise puzzle—I didn’t tell her what the image was going to be of, so she was really excited when Stella’s face finally took shape). I’m sure you could be a lot more precise with the reassembly, but I think that it looks great even with just a few pieces of masking tape holding it together in back. For a more long term display solution I’m thinking I might pick up an affordable frame from our local craft store.

A few tips: Look for images to convert that don’t have a lot of really dark areas or you will use quite a bit of black ink to print those portions. The printed sheet are also not numbered for the order that they will be reassembled in, but ours printed out with the bottom row (from right to left) printing first…and the top row (from right to left) at the end. When it asks if you’d like to include a faint border to aid in trimming your pages, be sure to select “yes.” Now go try it out with your own images, and have fun! I’d love to hear how it goes! xo Ez

Psst…Wouldn’t this also make a great gift or memorable decor for a party?! Love it!