Today I Love: Cuisine Francaise Bijoux

Ooo! Check out this lovely little jewelry shop I discovered yesterday: Cuisine Francaise Bijoux. I’m especially digging their tasseled pieces and the color palette they’ve used. Aren’t they great?! Visit the Cuisine Francaise Bijoux shop to see everything. xo Ez

P.S. I regretfully don’t speak French, so I used an online translator to read a few of their pages and it looks like they do offer International shipping. Hooray!

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  1. Ida / / Reply

    Beautiful, love the colors and I'm crazy about the pompons :) your blog is so so nice! greetings from Milan. i d a

  2. pilar / / Reply

    They are gorgeous! If you need some help with French don't hesitate to contact me!

    By the way I discovered your blog recently and I'm loving it! Such great and beautiful things!

    All the best from Spain

  3. Alias / / Reply

    Well you have discovered a very interesting Jewelry ..Even the color combination is too good..

  4. Cuisine Française Bijoux / / Reply

    Thank you for this wonderful article on our creations.
    Our next site will be bilingual !!!! Patience !
    For all the lovers of jewels, we sell all over the world !

    Catie, for Cuisine Française

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