Pretty Party Inspiration

{Photography by Adelino Lobo.}

I spotted this gorgeous party inspiration on Somewhere Splendid the other day and thought it would be fun to add my own little board of picks to go along with it. I love that this project dreamed up by Simplesmente Branco and Pinga Amor incorporates objects that many of us have on hand (scrap paper, mismatched dishes, etc) to create a whimsical setting that is perfect for this coming Valentine’s Day or any special celebration (just change the paper colors for a completely customizable look). They had me at ‘repurposed braille newspaper‘ (did you even know that such a marvelous thing existed)!

As for the decorations — follow these links to learn how to make paper rosettes, tissue paper flowers, crepe paper flowers, Hanging Paper Flowers, Paper Roses (like the large kraft ones above), Super Easy Paper Flowers (like the small kraft ones above), DIY Scrap Paper Garland or 3-D Paper Garland. I also have a cute little DIY Paper Decoration/Gift Topper I’ll share tomorrow – it would look really cute with this party concept. xo Ez

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  1. Lauren / / Reply

    i am definitey bookmarking this for future party inspiration! the color combo is perfection :)

  2. Theresa / / Reply

    Wow thanks for all the links to the flower-making tutorials!

  3. susana / / Reply

    Hi Ez! thank you soooo much for posting our table, so cool!
    A sweet kiss and a hug for you!

  4. Mariana / / Reply

    Ez you are my daily inspiration and these two girls a great and lovely friends!!! This mix result in a perfect post!!! Thanks to sharing to the world the amazing job of Susana and Ana!!


  5. Brandi / / Reply

    mmm… I want to wear those flats with some dark skinny jeans and a summer top! Great finds Ez!

  6. Jessie / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing the stripey straw love, Ez! And everything else is so adorable, too! xx

  7. Diana / / Reply

    I love the paper flowers! This reminds me of the big flower decorations at Encore in Vegas!

  8. Joanna Dee / / Reply

    I love this pretty party inspiration. It makes me want to stop what I'm doing and start planning right now.

  9. / / Reply

    I love the garland. Have been collecting ideas for Valentine's Day garlands all night. I totally love chains of hearts and will add yours to the list. My Valentine's Day Birthday Party theme just oozes love with hearts draping every surface.

  10. Jet / / Reply

    Wow. I love the colour combo. I love throwing parties and this is great inspiration!

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