Inspired Idea: Valentine Gumball Necklaces

{photography by Sara Westbrook}

Oh my goodness these Valentine Gumball Necklaces by the lovely ladies at One Charming Party made my jaw drop. How fantastic are they (and can you believe they are gum)?!! They actually remind me of an edible version of Kristina Klarin‘s beautiful jewelry. And by the way, have you seen Kristina’s gorgeous colour files posts? Be sure to check those out for some eye candy (yum). Then find more fabulous party goodness at One Charming Party including amazing party kits, free download and more.

By the way I browsed around online and found several resources for colored gumballs, such as (sold in large bulk quantities), and amazon. I’ve also spotted them inside local party stores (they even sell a few gluten free versions at a Party City near us). I’m also wondering if piercing the holes in the gumballs might be faster/easier using a tiny drill bit and battery-powered drill (or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to bust out my power tools). Have fun! xo Ez