Pinterest Picks: 01. 24. 11

Hi Sweets! I’m back from Alt Summit and still trying to process everything that I learned and experienced over the past week. I can’t wait to share more about it soon. But for now I want to introduce a new feature that I’m going to try out, and see if we all like it: Pinterest Picks.

If you’re a Pinterest member than you already know how inspiring and fun it is (if not hurry on over and sign up). One of the things that I love about flickr and now Pinterest too, is the ability to gain a broader sense of yourself by looking through the items you favorite. I always find the most interesting patterns emerging (things I would not necessarily spot without the ability to look at such a large grouping of images together).

In any case, each Monday I thought I’d share a few of the pins that are inspiring me (along with crediting links for the original “pinners” of course). I hope you’ll find new things to love, and interesting people to follow and be inspired by too. I’d love for you to add me if you’d like. xo Ez

Featured Pins:

  1. Candy Poppers (photo by Jackie Wonders) – original pin
  2. Esla Eventsoriginal pin
  3. Prospero Journaloriginal pin
  4. Red Velvet Cakeoriginal pin
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  1. erika / / Reply

    I just started pinning myself and I love it, such a great way to collect all the pretty images from the net that inspire me. I'm preparing a vintage bird themed birthday party for my daughter and making a pinbaord is a great way to start….I look forward to you favourite pins!

  2. Cindy N. / / Reply

    Ooh, velvet cake!

    This is just the thing I need for helping me come up with and sort through ideas for my diy wedding. Level of overwhelmed is down 2%, Yay!

  3. Bernadette / / Reply

    I abslutely LOVE Pinterest….and love your eye, so I am very excited to see your pins! I just started there myself; here's me if you want to see mine too! My handle is: buzcategui if you want to check it out! That site has become a bit of an addiction for me….it is amazing for visually driven people.

    Also looking forward to your notes on Alt Summit!

  4. Valerie / / Reply

    loooove pinterest too — even though it still "bugs" too often to my taste — you're added to my list ( you bet !!!) & you were nice enough to reciprocate, so thank you !

  5. Susannah W / / Reply

    What a great addition to your weekly post line up and thank you so much for featuring my pin of the Prospero Journal! I've been on Pinterest for several months now and love how it visually inspires and organizes me in so many ways, especially as I've just recently taken the plunge into creating my own blog. Such a wonderful surprise (and quite an honor I must admit) to see it featured here on your lovely blog that I've read for so many many months. Thanks, Ez.

  6. Jacqui / / Reply

    I love Pinterest and especially I love your pins Ez. I have found so many incredible websites that I would not have know about otherwise. As usual with this post you've found the most amazing things that fit together *so* perfectly. Thanks for your daily inspiration.
    Can't wait to hear about the summit.

  7. Eva / / Reply

    I've been hearing and seeing Pinterest all over the place and wasn't sure if I should set my foot in the door. I'm thinking I just might take a closer look.

    I can't wait to hear more about the Alt Summit!

  8. Kathryn / / Reply

    I LOVE Pinterest. I'm completely addicted to it, and I've gotten all of my coworkers addicted to it as well. I agree that looking at one' s own compiled pins can be a little unnerving… it's like, "OH, so that's what my style is!"

  9. luvinthemommyhood / / Reply

    Great idea! I am soooo hooked on my daily dose of pinterest. Love it. There is no home big enough for me to store all the images I would want on my inspiration board so what better place to put them instead then pinterest? Can't wait to hear about Alt Summit!!

  10. Laura Gaskill / / Reply

    Oh I say YES! Great idea, love it. And what beautiful pins you found for us this time, I adore that journal and cake! xo

  11. Emma / / Reply

    I think this is a brilliant idea and just came accross Pinterest myself not long ago. I often get frustrated at how unorganised I am at keeping images I like or ideas I like, I tend to have the saved randomly or jotted down in paper!

    I discovered your blog after following a link to your Gifted Magazine which was just beautiful, and now I'm a regular follower :)

  12. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you guys so much for your awesome feedback! So excited to have so many of you as new pinterest friends too! Thanks for adding me! xo Ez

  13. Alyssa / / Reply

    I'd love to use pinterest to help me discern patterns in my aesthetic…but I can't join! How do I get an invite?

  14. kara rosenberry / / Reply

    Hi! I am just catching up on your blog after a long while! I love pinterest and am totally hooked. I think it is very inspirational. I love your picks and I am now following you. Have a great rest of your day and happy pinning!

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