My DIY Business Cards

Hello lovelies! As you might know, I am headed off to the Altitude Summit in Salt Lake City next week. I am ridiculously excited and more than a little bit nervous (eep – so many amazing people in one place). It’s been recommended that attendees bring along a hefty stack of business cards to pass out. The last cards I had made up are woefully outdated, so instead of putting in a rush order for something generic at an online printing source, I decided that I’d tackle making my own.

To make them I designed the text for the card backs in Photoshop. I then printed my design out onto heavy-weight watercolor paper (Canson 140lb – purchased at my local craft store) and cut each card out using a rotary cutting tool, self-heeling mat, and ruler. Next I took acrylic paint (DecoArt brand in “Melon”) and painted a splotch of color through the center of each card (nothing too precise). Acrylic paint dries quickly, so once they were fully dry I quickly penned in the feather details and little borders along the outside using a Micron Pen in dark blue. They only took about 40 seconds per design.

All in all I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. I was kind of worried about making something that looked too home-ec gone awry, and even though they aren’t perfect I’ve made the conscious choice to just let it go. I had fun making them, and I think it will be great to have a card to give out that is infused a bit of my personality. If I have the chance I might try making up a few using watercolor paint as well).

Next on my to-do list — figuring out what in the world to wear for my trip! I just might pass out from the stress. Is that silly, or do you sympathize?

Oh, and as a side note I feel like I need to explain that the smudges and scuffs all over my aqua table are not dirt, but “love marks” from the many many craft projects created upon it. Now I feel a bit better. Pheww.

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  1. Meli / / Reply

    Those business cards came out so lovely! You always find a way to make things look extra special!

    Hope you do great at the Alt Summit! :)

  2. jennifer / / Reply

    These are wonderfully designed! I too like how each one is original. Will we hear about the alt summit when you get back?

  3. Suze / / Reply

    Hello! So much excitement shining through this post!
    Have a great trip, I'm sure your business cards will rock! :)

    (No, it's not silly about what to wear! Totally sympathize!)

  4. Kaitlyn Sullivan / / Reply

    ez, these are really beautiful and simple! not cheesy looking or too 'home-ec'y! you've reinspired me to nail out some new business cards.. it's been on the to do list for a while. now go put some fun outfits together :)

  5. allyn / / Reply

    ez, they are lovely + be proud that they every part you. wish i were goin to alt. maybe next year. enjoy!

  6. Maria-Thérèse / / Reply

    They are so cute and stylish! I thought you had stamped them but I can see they have more texture. Even if you say they were quick to make they seem pretty labour intense if you want hundreds… How many did you manage to make? (Oh, and people are impressed with me making my own business cards even if it's just design + photo + printing and cutting them myself :D

  7. Maria Kallin / / Reply

    Wow, they are really gorgeous – how creative! It is like a piece of art. I would love to get one, it is like little treasures.

  8. Jenny / / Reply

    These are absolutely gorgeous and very special (I love a personal touch)! Have fun and I'm sure your outfits will be fabulous!

  9. PJ / / Reply

    Wow! These are so lovely. How many did you make? How long did it take?

  10. liz / / Reply

    These are so beautiful and totally authentic! Bravo for just letting things go, I sometimes struggle with that too :)
    Have fun on your trip, I look forward to what you'll share with us when you return.


  11. shea / / Reply

    they look fantastic! great job! and i also have a table with lots of love marks. it also happens to be the same color. i like your style!

  12. sarah-e / / Reply

    This is a great idea! I think they perfectly serve both purposes – getting your name out there and showing off your personality. I'm going to steal this idea for my regular correspondence!

  13. emily b / / Reply

    Ez! You have outdone yourself again! These are absolutely brilliant. Simple, yet definitely carry your aesthetic. Love them!

  14. erin lang norris / / Reply

    i've only ever made my own biz cards because i like to give something that's personal and i LOVE receiving handmade ones from other people! they are always the ones i hold on to and remember again and again!

    i really like the feather & i'm totally having one of those "i wish i thought of that!" moments.

    have FUN! i've been seeing so much press for this lately. hope to read about it on your blog when you return. :)

  15. Andrea / / Reply

    They are so beautiful! I can't believe how quickly you are able to get them done. Enjoy the summit!

  16. FJM / / Reply

    Oh, I love these – they're absolutely gorgeous. I think you may have just inspired me to create some DIY business cards myself..!

    Thanks so much for sharing.



  17. Ez / / Reply

    Oh goodness! Thank you all SO much! I'm positively giddy that you like them and it might take a me a little while until I can float back down from cloud 9. Thanks again! xox Ez

  18. Carla / / Reply

    Wow, those turned out so beautifully! Now I'm of to improve my biz cards stat, thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Ez / / Reply

    Oops…forgot to answer some of your questions earlier. I plan to make around 100-200 cards but ran out of ink for my printer and paint (it was more than half empty to start) a little ways in. So far I have only around 25 done. Wish me luck! xo Ez

  20. the daily smudge / / Reply

    they're so beautiful. frameable even! lovely to have hand made business cards – like a little gift more than a business card. Good luck at Alt. I'm sure you'll be great

  21. AJ / / Reply

    Those are absolutely beautiful! (As is your aqua table ;)) I recently ran out of my hand-stamped business cards, but haven't decided what to do next. Thanks for the inspiration to get them done!

  22. Eva / / Reply

    Those are some of the best business cards I've ever seen! If I hadn't read your words, I would have never known these were handmade. Lovely! Try to relax and have fun on your trip!

  23. Rachel / / Reply

    oh my lovely! these are gorgeous! and way to inspire me to want to get out and make some cute little DIY things now!

  24. Brandie / / Reply

    Great cards! And, to answer your question – it might be silly to be stressed but I guarantee I would be at least as silly (and stressed) if I were able to attend Alt. Have a great time!

  25. Caroline Landon / / Reply

    What a lot of work that must have been! They are beautiful and classy, as are you.

  26. Tosha / / Reply

    I love these! What a great way to stand out and add a bit of 'love' to your cards. I sure wish I was headed to ALT SUMMIT! I live in SLC and it sounds amazing! good luck with everything there :)

  27. Steph Bond @ Bondville / / Reply

    ez, these are divine! You clever thing you. Would you mind sharing how you created the card template? Or did you just mark out the cut lines with a ruler and pencil? You are going to have a blast at ALT. I bet people are nervous about meeing *you*!
    PS. spotted these on Pinterest

  28. Donna / / Reply

    very cool! when you drew in the lines, did it dig a line into the paint? or was it thin enough to not be affected by the pen lines?

  29. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you again everyone! You've all truly made my day!
    @ Steph Bond – You are so sweet…but really nobody needs to be nervous about meeting me. I'm the biggest dork in person. ;-)
    @ Donna – Since the pen I used is not a ball-point it didn't leave any impression in the paint. Great question!

  30. Bobbi / / Reply

    Beautiful! I really like non-traditional business cards, especially for artists; it just makes sense. It's cold and snowy here in SLC. Bundle up!

  31. Stacey / / Reply

    I love these! I think the special touch of paint and ink by hand makes it memorable and extra delightful to be the recipient of one! Have fun at Alt in my city next weekend!

  32. d a b / oldbrandnew / / Reply

    e x q u i s i t e !

    I love the cards. They're light, fun yet professional. They're so you and that's all that matters. Have a great time at ALT. Wish I could attend and hear you speak! Don't sweat it, you're gonna be amazing. Rock out!

  33. ana / / Reply

    What a great idea. Your new cards are fabulous & you'll differenciate yourself because they where handmade & have as you said "a bit of your personality"

    wish you the best at the Altitude Design Summit :-)

  34. amy turn sharp / / Reply

    Girl. I cannot wait to hang out with you! I am also worried about my packing deets. I am finding nothing fabulous in my closet this week. grrr. see you soon sweets. [love the cards]

  35. Jeanee / / Reply

    I like them!

    Have fun! And good luck!

    I recently found out about the event. I'll be there in 2012!

  36. Ann / / Reply

    Definitely not home-ec-gone-awry. I love the personalized touch on your cards. They are perfect!

  37. Jamie / / Reply

    Excellent idea! I'm about to start the job hunt process and this is so much better then a vista print card. Thanks!

  38. Miss B. / / Reply

    Of course you would come up with something this fabulous, unique and creative! I adore these, so smart and such good branding, they perfectly embody CC. Good luck, you will be a hit!

  39. In Honor Of Design / / Reply

    Ez, what a fantastic way to personalize your business cards! Absolutely love them:)
    Wish I was going to ALT! Have a fantastic time and please share the wealth of knowledge you take back from it! :)

  40. Sarah / / Reply

    These are so beautiful. If I received a card like this I'd keep it forever! Great work.

  41. Phoebe / / Reply

    No need to worry, they look beautiful! I love the melon color as well.

  42. casey / / Reply

    i couldn't imagine a more perfect business card. these are gorgeous. have fun at alt!

  43. Chuzai Living / / Reply

    What gorgeous business card you made! They are beautiful and you put so much love and time to make them. I saw your post on bloomize about the 5 items you carry in your purse and I thought that the way you took photo of your items was pretty! Your blog is very pretty and soothing. Kaho

  44. Raphael Card / / Reply

    Creating the business cards by hand is a great and unique way for your business. It really displays your work. I think you should also create some different artwork for every show you attend.

  45. Kristi / / Reply

    Hey thanks for the great idea!!! I just made it as a thank you card and had a lot of fun doing it!!! Thanks so much! I'm sending it to my grandparents :)

  46. Laura / / Reply

    I love this idea. I haven't painted in a while so this will inspire me to get out the paints again. It is so simple and elegant. Thanks!

  47. Rachel H. / / Reply

    These are beautiful! You did a great job. I need to make myself some business cards, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. PIEN. / / Reply

    It looks so inspiring! I hate it that I'm at work now because your post makes me want to create! I like the colors that you are using. I put you on my blog as one of my favorites!



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