Today I Love: A Little Relish Magazine

Check out this beautiful new e-magazine by Chantelle Grady: A Little Relish. It is filled with gorgeous photography, scrumptious recipes, and more.

I just want to live inside the pages and only surface for air when necessary. Don’t you?! You can read the entire issue for free here and check out the Chantelle’s blog for more inspiration.

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  1. Amanda@doievenlikethis / / Reply

    Oh! Such a great find! Thanks for sharing. I don't know the last time I've been quite this excited by a new scone recipe, to be honest. Totally giving them a go this weekend.

  2. rooth / / Reply

    Oh my, I am definitely going to have to check out this online mag. Too much delicious food too close to lunch time

  3. Amy - Thank You Cards Shop / / Reply

    oh this new mag is beautiful! and i don't think i had a chance to comment the other day but i hope your trip to new york is amazing. your outfits are all gorgeous!

  4. Katherine / / Reply

    Wow, I so agree with you – I want to dive into each photo and soak it all in! The blog "Little Things" has been added to my favorites list and I can't wait till I have more time tonight to explore it thoroughly. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

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