A Teahouse Studio Workshop with Erin Loechner

You might remember Erin Loechner from my very recent post on her adorable personal style…but what I didn’t mention in that post (although I have probably said it a lot in the past) is how incredibly amazing Erin is. If you’ve met her in person or online, then you already know this. I’m really not even sure how to describe just what makes her so remarkable…but the word that instantly comes to mind is “spark.” After five minutes chatting with Erin you will find yourself believing that your dreams really are possible…but not just in the pipe-dream sort of way…but in the concrete action-plan sort of way. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion will rub off on you and suddenly you will be ready to take on the the world. Amazing!

So…with that being said, if you are or will be in the Berkeley, California area this August (or are willing to travel) then you simply must sign up to be a part of Erin’s special workshop for Teahouse Studio: Living a Fulfilled Life of Creativity. You will absolutely take away so much in that time and I am ridiculously jealous of any of you who end up going. Here’s what you can expect from the class (in their words) “Whether you’re struggling with promotion, marketing, money-making or time management, branding expert / consultant Erin Loechner will be sharing her tips to success in all areas of creativity. Learn how to stay inspired, carve your own path and overcome career-stifling obstacles in a fun, passionate way.” If you’d like to find out more details about this event you can see them here.

Here’s to living life creatively! Find Erin regularly on her blog: Design for Mankind | Image from Teahouse Studio – Photo by Betsy King

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