Sweet Paul Magazine: Summer 2011

Oh my! The Summer Issue of Sweet Paul Magazine just hit the virtual newsstand this morning and I can’t get enough of it! Never has a magazine had more can-do projects, drool-worthy recipes, or page after page of gorgeous eye candy.

Hurry on over and see for yourself right here (it’s free). xo Ez

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  1. Synne / / Reply

    Oh, I love that magazine. It came in a real printed version together with another magazine my mom bought some days ago and I completely fell in love with the style! :D

  2. pilli pilli / / Reply

    Wow! It's great, isn't it?!
    My personal favourite is the "strawberries 'in a cup' cake" on page 133…
    It looks absolutely delicious… and easy too, so I'll surely give that a try!

    & have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Leslie / / Reply

    Thanks for the tip – this magazine is fantastic! I am already looking forward to the next issue :)

  4. Libby / / Reply

    Amazing! And it looks like there is lots of inspiration for your food styling ambition in there too. I'm so cheap, finding a free magazine really does make my day, especially one as pretty as this.

  5. Jackie / / Reply

    Love the cake on the front cover. It would make a great centerpeice to any dessert table.

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