Purnukka Jars

Today I’m dreaming of a kitchen and craft room organized with the help of these cheery Purnukka Jars by Ittala (available at Unica Home). A very nice dream in deed! For now I’ll just have to do with my mismatched collection of containers. Le sigh!

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  1. Hypothetical Woman / / Reply

    These are so pretty – if my kitchen decor was any different I'd definitely want them for myself, but my kitchen is planned around my Cornishware collection, and is therefore mostly blue, white and yellow. So many beautiful things, not enough rooms…

  2. allyn / / Reply

    these are fantastic. lovely goods + so spring-like in color. i so need that on my countertops!

  3. Michaela @ Bliss! / / Reply

    I've been eyeing these for months already. They match our dinnerware (teema by Iittala in blue, white and orange), so I SHOULD get them really.

  4. Mervi / / Reply

    These are pretty. I must say stuff like this makes me kind of proud to be Finnish and I must love the name: Purnukka is a jar (of a sort) in our funny language. :D

  5. Sara / / Reply

    I love these! Maybe if I buy one every other month I'll have enough in a few years ;) That's my plan for having a set of Heath Ceramics!

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