A Year Later

Hi friends! I hope your week has been going great so far. Here in Tulsa the weather shot straight from chilly right on up to blazing hot (not sure that I’m too happy about that)…but the one great thing about the heat is that the dogwood trees have finally begun to showoff. Woohoo! I love dogwoods!

Anyhow…while driving home from my parent’s house on Monday (where I said a final farewell to a beloved furry friend of mine), I pulled my car over several times, and with pruning shears in hand (yes, I carry pruning shears around for moments like this), I snipped small boughs of dogwoods from trees on the side of the road until the backseat of my car was filled with green and white blooms.

There is nothing quite like a vase of freshly cut flowers to cheer me up and put me in the mood for cleaning (is the cleaning part of that weird?). So back home again, and with blooms tucked in just about every available container I could find, I decided to do a quick straightening up of my desk so that I could properly display a vase-full in my office. Of course this immediately reminded me that almost precisely one year ago I had done exactly the same thing after our big move from NJ to OK. Time really does fly, doesn’t it! If you’re curious to see how my studio looked at around this time last year, you can check out my post from then, right here.

Do flowers in your home have a similar effect on you? What are your favorite blooms? If I was forced to pick my top three they would be: Peonies, Apple Blossoms, and Dogwoods. Hooray for Spring! xo Ez

A few credits for some of the lovely items in my office:

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  1. Marta / / Reply

    I never saw this flower before but it is really magnificent! Thanks for showing, Marta

  2. Ruth / / Reply

    The photos in this post are beautiful. And I love that little blue-white-gold cup!

  3. Guisela@underanewlight / / Reply

    Looks very sweet and I love the light into your desk is great! Those branches and the flower is amazing!

    Love the look of your desk :D

    Great job!


  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Marta, Ruth and Guisela! @ Ruth – Isn't that cup sweet. It is another vintage find from a few years ago. Inside it I keep my paper clips and mini binder clips. xo Ez

  5. ashleylynnfry / / Reply

    Wow has it really been a year since the move?! My, oh my time does fly indeed! Your space looks lovely & I totally understand the flowers & cleaning thing… I am very much the same.


  6. Jess / / Reply

    The dogwoods look right at home in your studio. I've got a vase full of bright orange tulips on our kitchen table right now. I smile every time I pass them.

  7. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Ashley! Yes…can you believe it?! It seems like it was nearly yesterday that we were walking through the front door of our home for the first time! Glad to hear that I'm not alone in my flower/cleaning habit. ;-)
    xo Ez

  8. jodi / / Reply

    absolutely beautiful! hooray for spring!!

    i'm partial to tulips, ranunculus and peonies myself. oh! and lilac!

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Oh I loooove Tulips! I bet those look gorgeous in your kitchen Jess! xo Ez

  10. Ez / / Reply

    Ohhh…ranunculus and lilacs! How could I have forgotten those two. Perfect choices Jodi! xo Ez

  11. Anna Joyce / / Reply

    I ALWAYS clean before I set out fresh flowers….I clean before sitting down with a magazine or design book too..Your office is incredible!

  12. Meli (Blush + Jelly) / / Reply

    Spring time flowers are the best! My all time favorite is peonies – a small bunch of these flowers always finds a way to put a smile on my face.

    These lovely pictures have inspired me to clean up the studio a bit and go out an pick some flowers! :)

  13. Jenny / / Reply

    Just gorgeous – I love dogwoods, we have a white one and a pink one in our front yard!

  14. Brigitte / / Reply

    So lovely — I'm now officially jealous of your dogwoods. I'm the same way about fresh flowers and cleaning. Bringing such life and color into a messy home is so counterintuitive to me.

  15. jc / / Reply

    Your dogwood blossoms have made my day…..as does your blog – everyday. Don't know why it took me so long to comment – I've been following for a few years! Cheers

  16. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Anna, Meli, Jenny, Leah, Brigitte and JC! You've all brightened my day more than I can say! xo Ez

  17. mosey / / Reply

    if anything can switch your mood from sadness to overcomeness (not really a word I know), it's fresh cut flowers (and upbeat music). Those dogwood branches are absolutely gorgeous. I think I'll have to pick up some fresh flowers myself today (and clean! heh)

  18. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for letting me know Anna. I've fixed the link now. :-)
    I totally agree with you Mosey. I should have mentioned the music portion too…I always have my Pandora stations playing in my office.
    xo Ez

  19. daisymay / / Reply

    Wow those branches are beautiful. I have never heard of Dogwood, not sure we get it in the UK

  20. Kim / / Reply

    I love dogwoods too! I live in NC and it's our state tree :) I have never cut the branches before but would love to know how you have them sitting in that vase and how long have they lasted. It looks like they are in one of those little stands that has all the needles that you push the stem down into? I've heard that they last longer that way?

  21. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Daisymay and Kim!
    @ Kim – You are right. I used a floral frog (purchased at our local Michael's for a couple dollars) to keep them rooted in the vase. Right before putting them in the vase filled with water I clipped the ends of each branch to give them a nice fresh opening to drink from. They seem to be pretty vibrant still and some leaves are even budding out now! xo Ez

  22. Ez / / Reply

    Hehe…that is a very good problem to have Kanelsdtrand! Thank you so much! I'm blushing now! xo Ez

  23. Karen / / Reply

    Those are beautiful photos. Dogwoods are beautiful…mine aren't blooming yet, its still a little chilly in NJ.

  24. Hypothetical Woman / / Reply

    Oh, how lovely! The pale grey and yellow is gorgeous, your colour sense is incredible. Did you know that before now I had no idea what dogwood looked like? You learn something new every day…

  25. k / / Reply

    beautiful dogwoods – i would love to have some in my home but here in BC they are the provincial flower and it's illegal to pick them. oh well, i'll enjoy yours, looking very nice in your crisp studio setting. outside the cherry blossoms, magnolias and forsythias are signalling spring!

  26. Sara / / Reply

    I don't think I've ever seen dogwood before, but it's gorgeous! I love cabbage roses, peonies and pussy willows.

  27. Meg / / Reply

    I love your idea of keeping your masking tape in a bowl. I might have to steal this dea from you! I adore ranunculus and peonies, I like the look of multiple layers of petals and full colour.

  28. Rachel M / / Reply

    we share almost the same top 3! mine are peonies (the campus here at the university of south dakota is usually choc full of them right now, but it's only started warming up this week!), apple blossoms (also all over campus, and also are taking they're time blooming this year) and lilacs!! i love the unexpected waft of perfume I'm get as you're walking along the street… flowers have just started popping up and i've been having flower withdrawals!!! so excited for spring!!

  29. Lana / / Reply

    Wow, your office look gorgeous with the vase of dogwood! I never knew dogwood looked like that, it almost doesn't look real! Lovely pics!

  30. Lana Manis / / Reply

    Those dogwood blooms are so pretty! They have yet to bloom here on the Cumberland Plateau in TN.

    It's so hard to choose favorites because I love everything! Because they remind me of my mom, I like lily of the valley, snowdrops, and irises. She always had all sorts of flowers planted here and there. Red beebalm {monarda} reminds me of my dad. When he was too ill to get out and about, he loved sitting on the porch and seeing the huge patch of red beebalm blooming at the edge of the yard.

  31. Angela Saban / / Reply

    I love all kinds of flowers, but roses have to be my favorite, just for the fragrance. Love your pics and your office!

  32. Trude / / Reply

    So gorgeous! Love the pops of color against the white. Wish we got dogwoods around here! I was bringing jasmine in regularly, and now that it's time has almost passed the roses are blooming. Luckily my parents have super green thumbs! :)

  33. kristin @ contented me / / Reply

    my kitchen is never without fresh flowers! my favorites are seasonal: spring = tulips, summer = peonies, daisies, ranunculas, fall = sunflowers, winter = alstromeria and winterberries. your office is lovely!

  34. liza / / Reply

    Your office space is just beautiful. I love the Dogwood branches. We don't have them here and I miss them so.

  35. franca / / Reply

    Whow these flowers are so lovely! But well… anything combines great with an imac ;)

  36. Ivonne Loving / / Reply

    Hi! Just dropping by to tell you I included this post in my weekly round-up. Thank you for always having great quality posts to choose from.

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