Today I Love: Ticket Kitchen Chocolate

I have not been lucky enough to taste the chocolate line available through Ticket Kitchen, but if their clever presentation is any indication (which I’m guess it is), then it is very tasty in deed. Wouldn’t you just love to receive a Personalized Hot Chocolate Spoon? As you begin stirring your chocolate-coated spoon in a mug full of hot milk, your special message is revealed! Isn’t that the sweetest?! They would also make a memorable wedding or anniversary gift.

Also not to be missed is Ticket Kitchen’s free printable tags for adorning their chocolates (anyone can download and print them). Hop on over to take in all the sweet goodness right now. xo Ez

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  1. Ana / / Reply

    I am swooning! I love these, specially the spoon that says TE ADORO. Total Bliss.

  2. Maria-Thérèse / / Reply

    Oh that is so sweet!!! I love the package as well – even if there weren't chocolate attached to it I would totally relate it to chocolate (which I love)!

    ♥ Maria-Thérèse

  3. Katie / / Reply

    I love the personalized hot chocolate spoons! Wish I had known about them for Valentine's Day! So clever…I had to pin it! I wish we could taste it through the computer screen…the chocolate looks dark and luscious. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Melanie K / / Reply

    I was a very lucky taste tester for their chocolate … and oh YUM! Rich, creamy … ah so very good!

  5. Cherie / / Reply

    Just tried my first cup on Valentine's day. I'll never go back to the powdered cocoa. I just want to throw all my Swiss Miss out. It's absolutely perfect with very hot creamy milk about an inch below the mug line. I couldn't help but lick the stick as I watched it melt. So yummy.

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