Fancy This: Illustrations by Tina Berning

Over the weekend I probably spend a couple of hours browsing through the illustration work of Tina Berning (discovered via Susy’s gorgeous blog). Her talent is mind-boggling! There are no words that will do it justice…you’ll just have to hop on over and take a stroll through her portfolio to see for yourself. I hope you love her work as much as I do.  xo Ez

All images – Tina Berning

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  1. Amy / / Reply

    I love the subdued colors…they are like beautiful stern vintage paper dolls :o)

  2. Kate / / Reply

    I want to redecorate my bathroom based around these pictures! I think I'd feel quite chic surrounded by these images…not sure how my husband would feel?

  3. Mary / / Reply

    Wow! Her work is extraordinary. I love her use of texture and the stylized faces of her subjects. Really beautiful.

  4. Laura Burkhart / / Reply

    I absolutely adore these! I especially love the one with the huge graphic yellow skirt that seems to pop out of the darkness at you

  5. Julia / / Reply

    Tina Berning is my favourite illustrator ever since I started to get interested in illustration! Thank you for sharing her amazing work!

  6. magdamagda / / Reply

    so painfully beautiful! with lots of "je ne sais quoi"… plenty.. mistery, forsaken areas, games that have to be painted to exist, like the game of imaginary light which gives one of the definitory traces… Thank you!

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