From Real Simple to Real Life

I’m going to out myself here and let you in on a little secret…I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to decorating a home.  Sure I know what I like, and have a wishlist and inspiration files that go on for miles, but it’s the translation part that I seem to muddle.  Because of my lacking in this area I’ve had a literal suitcase full of artwork and photos that I’ve been dying to hang since we moved into our home this past Spring, but have been too terrified to touch.  Enter the September issue of Real Simple Magazine.  In a gorgeous article titled: Artful Ideas for Every Room I came across my picture hanging solution (top photo).  Hurray!  It took a bit of measuring (usually a danger zone for me) but I managed alright and the end results turned out pretty good.  If I was starting all over again I would probably use fewer black frames (and I will probably re-mount our feather collection onto something other than linen so it stands out more), but at least my large blank wall is now a point of interest.  And what do you know…it actually was “Real Simple.” 

Photo credits for the first image go to photographer William Abranowicz (my apologies for the less than stellar photo I took of it for this post).

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  1. Samia Kallidis / / Reply

    Your wall looks great Ez! I know what you mean about translating inspiration into your own home, and it's inspiring that you took on a project and made it work for you. I love the collection of images and textures you have up there. xx

  2. Laura Gaskill / / Reply

    I had my eye on the same photo spread in Real Simple – but I love yours even more with the beautiful 3D additions!

  3. karey m. / / Reply

    and all this with a bum wrist, no less?! you're such an artist, i think. love love love your translation.

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you all so much for your kind comments. I was nervous about sharing…but you've all made me feel world's better and really brightened my day! xo Ez

  5. Suze / / Reply

    Ooooh!! I can just say that your version came out AT LEAST as pretty as the inspiration! Love it!

    For the new home I'm thinking to put artworks leaning to the wall on thin long cream wooden shelves, what do you think?


  6. Sara / / Reply

    This has been by far one of my favorite spreads in Real Simple. I absolutely adored the styling! Really enjoying your take on it. The framed feathers are beautiful.

  7. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I've been looking for a way to display my feather collection! See, now the cycle of inspiration continues: I'm bookmarking/replicating this in my own home :)

  8. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you guys again for all of your awesome comments! You've all really made my week! xo

  9. Amanda / / Reply

    Looks great! I know the fear all too well. We moved in in July and our walls are still bare, but they are plaster so it makes the task that much more intimidating. Well done and I'm happy that you found such a fun project!


    Ps. Glad to see that little Wilfred found a place of honor, too!

  10. Mel / / Reply

    I LOVE this and am definitely glad to know that not everyone (even someone like you who seems to have all this artsy, gorgeous stuff figured out and mastered!) just magically makes stuff that puts Martha to shame… although your results kind of do anyways!

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