Fashion Fix: Fancy Treehouse

I’ve just recently discovered the world of fashionista Fancy Treehouse a.k.a. Coury, but can I just say that this girl has mad style.I mean seriously!  Anyone who can pull of an 80′s lighthouse sweater (like the bewildering one my grandma just gave me during her last visit) and not only make it look good…but make me wish that I was wearing it, has passed over into some alter universe of fashion awesomeness.

Too cute right?!  Luckily you can shop for many of the looks she’s put together in her ebay shop or continue to get all swoony with me by visiting her blog right here.  Enjoy!  xo Ez

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  1. mairead / / Reply

    her blog is so inspiring! thanks for sharing the sartorial magic that is fancy treehouse. love it :)
    and of course i adore your blog too! i love the way all these blogs link each other. its so…connected :)

  2. LatteLove / / Reply

    Wow. this is crazy. her husband used to belong to a boy band I was obsessed with a junior high!

  3. zara / / Reply

    i've been inspired by coury's style and music for years now, she was in one of my favorite bands ever, castledoor.. so weird, i just did a blog post about castledoor lastweek :) unfortunetly they parted ways earlier this year. but i did see them play live once, it was amazing and they were all so kind :)

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