Chic for Cheap: Art Show Outfit

Hello lovelies.  Today’s Chic for Cheap outfit was requested by reader/artist Twozdai (pronounced Tuesday) who will soon be showing her recent collection at an art opening.  Here’s how she describes her challenge:  “I’m always at a loss as to what to wear to my own art openings. I have an upcoming show for this series of work. It will be shown at a wine bar, and the opening is part of the neighborhood art walk. Any advise you have would be greatly appreciated!”

I thought it would be fun to take inspiration from Twozdai’s own art for this look.  I honestly couldn’t decide between the two dresses, so I included them both.  Flats or some cute wedges seem like a must for any event where you’ll be spending hours walking around (unless you’re some sort of heel-wearing goddess, in which case I’m jealous) and I like the idea of a feminine jean jacket and funky chain necklace to keep things artsy and not too precious. I hope you have a wonderful art opening Twozdai!  xo Ez

Outfit Total with Dress I: $205.24  |  Outfit Total with Dress II: $184.24

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  1. Lauren G / / Reply

    Love it as always :) I’m definitely going to use this for my senior art show next year!

  2. Sarah W / / Reply

    I love your chic for cheap! sometimes I’m at a loss for what to buy! i love that gray dress! you can jazz it up or down! i love items like that!

  3. Jillian / / Reply

    I really love this combination (particularly the gray dress). I have owned the same jean jacket (purchased at Zara in Seville 10 years ago!) and I love how it can transform an outfit. Those are great flats, and I have been looking for a pair just like that.

  4. Michelle / / Reply

    I absolutely love the knotted necklace! I think it really adds the sophistication to the outfit without looking "old". I must have one of these necklaces! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love it! ~Michelle

  5. moriah / / Reply

    I must find those dresses! PERFECT for someone (like me) who has just had a baby, and still needs to lose some deflated tummy wrinkles before she can wear fitted clothing again. Thanks for the post! :)

  6. Katie / / Reply

    oo, I love the gray dress!
    Perhaps it will become my self-congratulatory splurge on my first non-uniformed job :)

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