Chic for Cheap: International Wedding Guest

Hello there lovelies!  This week’s Chic for Cheap look was requested by reader Emily who will be attending a wedding overseas this June and wants to look as chic as possible without breaking the bank.  She already owns this lovely dress from J.Crew and is in need of some accessory ideas.  Here the challenge is in her own words:

“I’m attending the wedding of a girlhood friend, which is taking place in Oxford in June.  I will be one of only two American friends in attendance, so we want to look chic!  I need shoes and accessories (including some kind of cardigan or scarf?) that will make this rather basic dress a bit edgy.  I’m pretty tall and not incredibly graceful, so heels under 3″ are best.  I’m a pale girl with black shoulder length hair and short bangs.  I hate pink and orange.  I love me some teal, seafoam, black, and bright reds.  I’m also a starving artist, so more affordable options are best for me.”

As a fellow lover of aqua I was thrilled when I found this cotton/cashmere cardigan in the perfect shade of blue.  It has a silk border around the neckline (which gives it an extra dose of refinement) and I think it would look especially wonderful (and on trend) belted with a pretty skinny belt.  I selected shoes that lend a touch of edginess to the outfit, which could lean towards looking overly precious if not accessorized carefully.  The price for all the items together is on the higher end, but you could easily patch in items that you already own to bring the price down.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your friend’s wedding Emily!  xo Ez

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