Fancy This: Hermitage Wallpapers

For years now I’ve been dreaming of living somewhere where I can paper my walls.  Our landlady is nice, but I’m pretty sure she’s not down with me going paper happy all over her house (so I found a temporary fix – but that’s a post for another day sometime soon).

In the meantime the wallpaper selection found at Hermitage has me pining away more than ever.  There are so many fantastic prints to choose from…and even if you (like me) can’t paper your walls, they are beautiful and inspiring just the same.  Pop on over for a look-see right here.

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  1. Shari / / Reply

    can’t wait to hear what your temporary fix is! i too am renting and not permitted to paper our walls… :( so I’d love to hear your idea!

  2. Audrie / / Reply

    Makes me want wallpaper! But my husband has informed me that we’re never getting wallpaper because he spent many, many days removing some when we moved in. Oh poo.

  3. Lauryn / / Reply

    I love the wallpapers, especially the geometric patterns, but I’m so hesitant after having dealt with the mess of wallpaper that was in this place when we moved in. But more importantly I love the shelves in the first photo! I’ve been wanting something similar without having custom built-ins made but no luck.

  4. Megan / / Reply

    love this! thanks for sharing! I would so totally go crazy with these wallpapers. Fits the whimsy in me :)

  5. Jessica / / Reply

    I love these…but I too am in a marriage where my husband spent too many days pulling down icky wallpapaer to allow me to put up new stuff. Woe is me. :(

  6. Carolyn Van Lang / / Reply

    I love wallpaper. My office calls me the wallpaper lady… It works best in small rooms or on one wall only. Thank you for the source.

  7. Rachel / / Reply

    i too would love to hear your temporary fix… i’m renting and will have to move again next year, but i crave colour on walls and if i can get removable wall paper i will be over the moon!!

  8. Sarah / / Reply

    Unfortunately, the $$ per roll is a bit steep… which means this is a great inspiration for a mural project!

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