Introducing: Blog it Forward

Hello lovelies!  By now you might have heard about Blog it Forward, an awesome blogging movement that has been organized and headed up by the lovely Victoria of Sfgirlbybay.  Today marks the launch of this exciting and inspiring project and I am thrilled to be amongst the first 10 bloggers starting things off. 

So what is Blog it Forward?  A group of around 300 bloggers who want to share more about what inspires them on a personal level and have agreed to do so on their blogs – and then pass it forward to the next blogger on the BIF list (a chain reaction of inspiration if you will).  The list of contributors for this round quickly filled up, but you can easily join in even if you’re name is not on the list.  Perhaps reading some of the Blog it Forward entries in the coming weeks will inspire you in ways you won’t expect.  Maybe you’d like to share what inspires you on your blog.  Blog it Forward is all about positive words and actions…which is something everyone benefits from!  I so hope you’ll join in!

To start things off I’d like to share a tiny bit with you all today about what truly inspires me.  It was so hard for me to create a short list of what inspires me most since it seems that that list is growing longer and longer all the time.  But for the sake of this exercise…my top inspirations are:


I’ve moved a lot in my lifetime which has been hard for me at times.  However my family and the friends I’ve made along the way have been the one consistent thing that keeps me grounded and moving forwards towards my dreams.  Their love and belief in me inspires me every day.  Something else that must be said about my friends and family is how their home(s) are always filled with laughter.  The older I get the more I realize what a gift laughter is.  I am forever blessed by my family and friends.


I’ve struggled with depression to varying degrees throughout my life (I know this is something a lot of creative people live with), and because of this I push myself to look for beauty in life’s little details.  Believe me, this is not always easy…but I’ve found that the more I seek out beauty, joy, hope…the more I find it.  Having a camera in hand helps this process along for me.  Having the opportunity to look back at all the photos I’ve taken is a wonderful way to remind myself that there is always beauty to be found if I just remember to look for it.

THE BLOGGING COMMUNITY:The internet is incredibly vast, but it is easy to feel the closeness of friendship and kindred sprits amongst the blogging community.  Every day I am touched by the generosity and thoughtfulness of my fellow bloggers.  I have had so many kindnesses shown to me by those in blogland; both readers of my blog and writers of the blogs I read…and these kindnesses give me so much hope for our world and humanity in general.  That might sound dramatic, but it’s true.  I just love the people I’ve met (in person and virtually) through blogging.  I can’t imagine my life without this amazing environment of creative individuals!  That means YOU!

There are so many more things that inspire me, but we’ll save those for another day.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read what I had to share.

Now…I’m blogging it forward to 2 days in the Rain.  Be sure to check out her site tomorrow for the next installment of Blog It Forward.  And after you finish reading this post you’ll want to visit the following blogs for their Blog if Forward posts: Design for Mankind, Heart Fish, Hula Seventy, Ink on my Fingers, Oh, Hello Friend, Paper Pony, Poppytalk, Sfgirlbybay and Smile and Wave.  You can check out the full schedule and list of upcoming contributors right here.  A giant thank you again to Victoria for making this whole thing possible!  xo Ez

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  1. Sarah / / Reply

    Oh I love this post — and the whole BIF idea.

    My family moved a lot when I was younger — 13 times before I started high school, if you can imagine!
    But as a result, I think that my relationships with my parents and siblings are stronger, closer, and even more meaningful in my life. You took the words out of my mouth when you said, "Their love and belief in me inspires me every day."

    I’m so glad BIF has led me to your blog!

  2. natalyn / / Reply

    Beautiful. I love what you said about finding beauty, joy, and hope if you take the time to look for it. I try to always remember to do the same thing. I am so excited to read all of the BIF posts!

  3. Autumn / / Reply

    What a beautiful post, Ez. It’s clear to me each time I visit your blog that your eye finds details that are not only lovely, but also calm and restorative. It is a great "place" to visit when I am feeling a bit hectic or muddled. Now I have a clearer sense of how that comes about for you. Thanks so much!

  4. Anne @ The City Sage / / Reply

    Thanks for this touching and honest post Ez. I’ve moved a lot myself and am all-too-familiar with the weight of depression (definitely something that many bloggers have in common–we tend to isolate and stay behind the scenes, in addition to being perfectionists and putting a lot of pressure on ourselves). It’s wonderful to know that alone and that there are kindred spirits with whom we can connect. Thank you for opening up and sharing with us!

  5. Jo / / Reply

    Lovely post. I know all too well about depression and the importance of looking for the beauty in life. It warms my heart to hear others like yourself express that struggle. Its easy for us to believe that the curators of all these gorgeous blogs are just as polished and perfect as their posts. But, in truth, we all have problems and pains. Thanks for being so open. It’s truly refreshing and inspiring.

  6. In Honor Of Design / / Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing that post! Its really beautiful, and I am inspired by hearing other people’s perspective on life. This is a project I look forward to following.
    All the best,

  7. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    This is beautiful my friend….I am honored to be up there in that collage of your loved ones. This was so honest and so beautiful….and I have always maintained that your eye for beauty is one in a million. Truly….Thank you for sharing that with us every day. You know you are the whole reason I began my blog in the first place and you have opened my creative eyes in so many ways. This BIF movement is so lovley…

  8. oh, hello friend. / / Reply

    BEAUTIFUL inspiration post!!!!! so lovely to see what inspires you personally.

    thank you victoria for everything you put into this: what a great way to bring the blog community together! i had such a good time finding images and gathering my inspiration!! xo. danni

  9. Clementine Cassie / / Reply

    I just love that collage of photos of your family and friends, Ez! I found it truly touching and lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it! I’m excited to be a part of this great BIF fest. {hugs!} -Cassie

  10. oh, hello friend. / / Reply

    oops, sorry ez. lol that comment above was meant for victoria. ;) getting my blogs mixed up. well, LOVE your post for your inspiration. friends+family for sure are such a daily inspiration — love your collage and what a great reminder of how important they are in our lives. xo.

  11. Amanda @ Kind Over Matter / / Reply

    Oh man, what a beautiful post Ez, my pregnant self is all teary over here – so raw & real & gorgeous! Can relate on all accounts here, especially about the laughter – it’s what I love most of all about being alive.


  12. laura trevey / / Reply

    What a wonderful project Victoria has put together! Thank you for letting us know a little more about you!
    Beautiful family :)

  13. victoria / / Reply

    oh ez! such a heartfelt and beautiful post. i could relate to so much of what you so honestly shared. just lovely, and yes, very inspiring.

    thank you so much for starting this twitter conversation in the first place, and getting all our ideas a start. i think this is going to be great! thanks for beginning it in such a perfect way. xoxo, v.

  14. linda / / Reply

    What a great start! I’m looking forward to all the blog inspiration goodness :P

  15. mary jo / / Reply

    It’s obvious why I’ve always come back to read your blog through the years Ez, you’re truly a beautiful person inside and out! I love this post and look forward to the next BIF posts. ps. that pink rose/victorian roof in the post below are just delicious!

    xo Mary Jo

  16. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you all for sharing such wonderful comments with me! I love you guys to bits! xox Ez

  17. Erika at Delphine / / Reply

    Ez, this is such a lovely post; thanks so much for your honesty. I moved a lot (the longest I ever lived anywhere while in school was 2 years) and I think although it was really hard at times, it is what turned me into a lover of the written word. When I was in first grade I was devastated to be moving away from my "BFF" so my mom bought me some stationery with strawberries on it and I started writing letters. What I love most about designing stationery is imagining the personal connections and relationships that my work will touch.
    Blog It Forward is a wonderful idea. I am really looking forward to reading the evolution!
    xo, Erika

  18. Jessica / / Reply

    It looks like a lot of your readers have moved a lot, including me. It is hard to deal with but as my husband points out to me, we make a wonderful new community each time. I appreciate your openness and honesty in this post and I truly find it inspiring. I tend to be open about things too, I can’t really help it at times. I’ve had a rollercoaster life but I am grateful for all of it.

  19. Victoria Bennett Beyer / / Reply

    It was so strange to come over here today and read this, as yesterday and today I had finally put into words why exactly it is that I’m a photographer, and it all seemed very revealing and maybe a bit dramatic. I guess I can add ‘timely’ to the list. I look forward to reading some similar blog entries … it’s so very encouraging when you find you are on the same wave length as others :)

  20. Rebecca Stees / / Reply

    I’m a new reader ( part of your Blog It Forward chain)….
    Great style! I love the way you’ve grouped your photos……… big group, four and two.

  21. Brigitte / / Reply

    Ez – You’ve really set a standard for these inspiration posts. So open and personal…

    Thank you for sharing a slice of your life today.

  22. Hijiri / / Reply

    ((sigh)) beautiful!!

    "more I seek out beauty, joy, hope…the more I find it." — so true and so inspiring, ez, thank you so much!!!

  23. Susannah / / Reply

    Ez, this is such a beautiful post, and as someone who has the black following her around too, i am nodding my head and smiling :)

  24. Sandy / / Reply

    I love how you put your family and friends as inspiration! How lovely! The pictures are truly beautiful as well!! Your blog it forward was great!

  25. Valentina / / Reply

    *BEAUTIFUL* post. This project sounds amazing, I’m going to visit the other links right now! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Becka / / Reply

    What a beautiful and honest insight into what inspires you, Ez! I really, really enjoyed reading this and getting to see a little more of the lovely person you are. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  27. Katie H / / Reply

    I really love that you included your friends and family as your inspiration. I get so many ideas from those closest to me, it’s so nice to relate.
    Thank you for sharing, your blog is truly wonderful.
    And I love the idea of BIF!

  28. Laura / / Reply

    Thanks for this wonderful post to kick off the blog it forward! I loved everything you shared buy my favorite was the "Life’s beautiful details."

  29. Wende / / Reply

    Wonderful post. I think of beauty as glasses we put on—wearing them means we see more. Thank you for your contributions in this.

  30. / / Reply

    Thank you for share n on such a personal level….

  31. Miss B. / / Reply

    Just lovely and I loved your honesty. I wish you wrote more about yourself on your blog like you used to. I miss that, it made me believe that you were this real person that was just trying to make her way in the world and lo and behold you have! It’s what has kept me coming back. Besides you have a very, very, interesting story my dear, I mean book worthy interesting;

  32. Cyn / / Reply

    Thanks for sharing yourself in this lovely post. When you move from place to place frequently (I have too), your sense of self is tested by new surroundings. It’s hard work, but the person who emerges is a strong and beautiful character. Your blog is a pleasure to read.

  33. Jessie / / Reply

    I’m a little late to the party, but just wanted to say this really was a lovely post, Ez.

  34. Caroline Landon / / Reply

    What a lovely post! Especially love the family pics. May you continue to be inspired and inspire others in turn, as you have been doing so beautifully all these years. I love you!

  35. Genevieve / / Reply

    Thanks, big sister!! I love you so much! You know how much you inspire me, too!

    Love and hugs,

  36. Marija / / Reply

    I love this post it´s beautiful, and so is your blog it inspires me alot.
    Have a great Valentines Day.

  37. Katja / / Reply

    Beautiful post! As someone who has also struggled with depression for quite some time I so well understand the importance of seeing the beauty of life’s small details and finding inspiration from blogs (like yours).

  38. debo marshall / / Reply

    I know the guy in one of the pictures…well, not personally…he looks like the guy who does the EXCELLENCE IN WRITING videos…is it? Love his accent! and the product…

  39. Ez / / Reply

    Good eye Debo! You're right, my dad is Andrew Pudewa from Institute for Excellence in Writing! I'll pass your kind words on to him. -Ez

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