DIY Faux Sugar Cookie Ornaments

A few years ago I created some faux sugar cookies and shared a tutorial for them here on Creature Comforts. Unfortunately for some reason that post has vanished, so I decided that this year it was time for a redo. These DIY Faux Sugar Cookies can be used as ornaments, gift toppers, holiday decor (or to decorate a wreath like the one I posted earlier today). These are a tad more time-involved than some of my other projects, but they are loads of fun to make and the finished cookies will last forever.

You will need:

  • Fimo Soft Clay – The color I used is #70 (Sahara), but you can use any brown/tan color you want. You can get between 1-3 full-sized cookies out of a block of clay. I was able to make 9 ornaments using 3 blocks of clay.
  • Non-stick rolling pin – they also sell little rolling pins in the clay isle at Michael’s specifically designed to work with Fimo/polymer clays.
  • Wooden bamboo shish kabob skewer or small drinking straw for piercing the hole for hanging. Other fine-tipped things can be used to create patterns in the clay (I just used one bamboo shish kabob skewer for mine – the flat and the pointy sides).
  • Cookie cutters – I used standard cookie cutters along with a linzer cookie cutter. The linzer cutter comes with several shaped inserts and I used those to punch out the center of one of my snowflakes as well as imprint the scalloped cookies (the round scallop shape is from the linzer cookie cutter).
  • Acrylic paint – any colors you want.
  • Paint brushes in sizes ranging from fine-tipped to regular (2-3 brushes will probably do you).
  • Glitter – I used Martha Stewart’s Smoky Quartz color for mine and love it (I tried the crystal fine white glitter and it didn’t look good on mine at all).
  • Sculpey brand Gloss Glaze (or something comparable) – I bought mine in the same section as the clay (it’s made for polymer clay actually) in my local craft store. For this project I used it to adhere the glitter to the ornaments. You could also try standard clear glue if you want.
  • Something to cover your work surface with, like freezer paper with the waxed side up.
  • Cookie sheet
  • Paper plates or scrap sheets of paper

Directions for making your cookies:

1. Roll out your clay (it’s pretty firm so it might take a minute) until it is as thin as you want. You can roll out more than one pack at a time if you’d like. I made mine about as thick as a normal sugar cookie. They don’t need to be super hefty since they are solid once cooked.

2. Cut shapes from your flattened clay using your cookie cutters. If you use the linzer cookie press you can either punch the center design all the way through or press it down half way so that it just leaves a shape impression in your cookie. Either way looks good.

3. Leave your cookie on the work surface and use the flat side of your bamboo skewer to press down into the cookie where you want to place your hook for hanging, turning lightly as you push down. This will automatically make a hole. Add more holes for decoration if you’d like or use the pointed side of your skewer to add smaller impressions.
4. Repeat until you’ve made as many as you’d like.

5. Carefully transfer prepared cookies to a cookie sheet and bake according to the clay packaging specifications (I baked mine at 230 F for 30 minutes). Once finished baking, remove tray from the oven and allow cookies to cool completely.

Directions for decorating your cookies:

1. Use acrylic paints and a smallish paintbrush to paint the “icing” onto your cookies. I left a small border around the outside edge to give it a more realistic “sugar cookie” effect. The paint dries pretty fast, and you can add additional coats if you want it to be thicker.

2. Glittering/Glossing: Once your paint is dried (make sure it really is dry or the glitter will stick to the entire thing), paint decorative areas of your cookies with the Sculpey Gloss Glaze (such as borders, decorative dots, etc.). Place your cookies (one at a time) onto a paper plate or scrap piece of paper (this will catch excess glitter so you won’t have to waste it). Quickly (before the gloss dries) sprinkle your glitter all over your cookie to coat the wet glossy areas. Turn the cookie over and tap the excess glitter off onto your paper plate or scrap paper. You will be left with a beautiful glittery design. Repeat with all cookies and pour extra glitter back into the jar when you are done.

3. Allow your cookies to dry and you’re done! If needed you can use a dry paintbrush to dust off any extra glitter that might be clinging to the painted portion of your cookies.
Hang on your tree, string on a gift or attach to a wreath and enjoy!